Friday, January 17, 2014

The Loon by Michaelbrent Collings now available on Audible.

The Loon, a #1 Amazon Horror bestseller, hit Audible's bestselling horror titles the first week of its release.   You can get your copy of The Loon by visiting Audible. 

The isolated, maximum security prison for the criminally insane that houses some of the nation’s deadliest, most frightening psychopaths.  But when a freak storm cuts off all communications and causes a massive power outage, the prisoners get loose... and find there is nowhere to go.  The blizzard rages outside.  The inmates are now in charge and the staff must band together to survive.
And then they all discover that the inmates aren't the most dangerous thing about The Loon.  Because below the prison is a secret place.  A dark place.  A place where a creature of monstrous appetites has been born.  And it's very, very hungry....

"It's always so nice to find one where hardcore asylum-crazy is done RIGHT! As opposed to, say, the Hollywood version....  THE LOON is, hands down, an excellent book." - The Horror Fiction Review

"Highly recommended for horror and thriller lovers. It's fast-moving, as it has to be, and bloody and violent, but not disgustingly gory. The Loon also includes a fun element of mad science to make this a well-developed 'mad science and medical experimentation gone wrong' story. Collings knows how to write thrillers, and I'm looking forward to reading more from him." - Hellnotes

Check out my interview with Michaelbrent.  
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Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I will definitely check this out on Audible, it's be great for your horror challenge!

The Literary Darling said...

oh wow this sounds incredibly creepy! I guess I could listen to it with the covers over my

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