Sunday, July 14, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge/Day 7 - (Blogging Quirks).

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I came across this awesome idea on Good Books and Good Wine.  The 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge.  April came up with these awesome bookish exercises to get our creative juices flowing, to remind us why we blog in the first place and for fun!

I've been so busy lately and I've been out of town so I feel that my blog has been seriously lacking.  Truth be told, it's been hard to get back in the swing of things.   When I saw this Challenge, it lit that blogging flame again.  The nice thing is, you don't have to do all 15 challenges.  Just do what you can.  You also may want to visit the other participating blogs and see what they have to say.

For complete details please visit the starting post HERE.

Blogging Quirks. 

1. Well for one thing, I'm a huuuge last minute blogger.  I hardly have any posts ahead of time. I don't know why.  I think it's because working on posts takes a lot of time to me and to sit down and write more than one or two at a stretch is exhausting.  Also, I also read slow.  I can't read a book or two a day (sometimes even in a week), which leads me to...

2. I (usually) start writing reviews as soon as I finish a book.  One, because of the reason above - so since I don't have a lot of content in my back pocket so for me to wait is that much more time without something on my blog.

3. I rarely use a reader to keep up with blog posts.  I mainly use Twitter to see what's going on.  Also, I have the blogs I like in my bookmarks and I'll just use that as my "list."

4. I don't usually blog on weekends.  I guess it's just time constraints.

5. I overreach.  I sign up for tons of Reading Challenges. I come up with ideas for memes, features and maybe implement them a few times and then it's like I can't keep up the momentum.  With Reading Challenges, I'll get distracted with other books, and with the memes/features I'll run out of ideas.

6.  Sometimes when I get stuck writing a post, I put in all the other stuff and it helps spur me on.  I set up the header, the picture and the other details.  I guess it looks like it's halfway done and tricks me into thinking I have more done than I do so the remainder of the post is a little less daunting.

Are any of my quirks similar to yours?  Do you have any blogging quirks you'd like to share?


TP said...

I'm the same way with reading challenges but I'm trying to break out of it this year since I signed up for so many. Next year - I'm not doing any! I try to schedule ahead though - and it's because I'm a slow reader, and a slow writer.

Tanya Patrice

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

I always tell myself I should just write the review instead of just putting in a whole bunch of notes but I never do. I'm lazy.

I overreach as well. I just want to do all the things so I say yes to all the things and then I end up not doing all the things. I kind of limited myself this year.

Jen | Book Den said...

I can relate to being a slow reader/last minute blogger. I just blog as I go and life takes over all the time for me.

I rely on a reader to follow blogs. The end of Google Reader has been hard for me, but I'll make it... ;)

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I am a day of blogger so yeah for us last minute people :) :) WOOT WOOT!

Karen said...

I don't know if it's a quirk but I'm a total pantser. Everything is day to day with me.

I also follow more blogs via twitter than through a reader.

I have a post-it note app on my computer and that tells me what books I need to read for review. It's always in front of my face reminding me when I'm wasting time on twitter instead lol

I also currently have 3 half written reviews up on my screen. I write a quick review and then keep tweaking it for up to a week or so before I send it to blogger.

I write up a quick one or two sentence review after reading a book but I can't make myself write one at any time. It either comes to me or it doesn't. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say immediately - sometimes it will be a month and then WHAM it hits me. There is no logic lol

Midnyte Reader said...

@Tanya-I envy you that you can do posts ahead of time. I feel like the turtle of the blogging world!

@Kim-I like your format of reviews.

@Jennifer-I like that you don't get all crazy though. You have a busy life and when you get to a post-you get to it. It makes them more special to me. I do have to say I miss you when you get busy though.

@Felicia-You astound me! With all your content you are a last minute blogger? I find that hard to believe!

@Karen-I agree. It's hard b/c you want to get the review up, but you don't just want to say any old thing. I guess because it's the only post you'll get you want to make sure it's right. I don't have one style either. I'll write a few reviews at a time, I tweak until I feel it's ready as well.

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