Sunday, July 14, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge/Day 6 - (Shopping!)

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I came across this awesome idea on Good Books and Good Wine.  The 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge.  April came up with these awesome bookish exercises to get our creative juices flowing, to remind us why we blog in the first place and for fun!

I've been so busy lately and I've been out of town so I feel that my blog has been seriously lacking.  Truth be told, it's been hard to get back in the swing of things.   When I saw this Challenge, it lit that blogging flame again.  The nice thing is, you don't have to do all 15 challenges.  Just do what you can.  You also may want to visit the other participating blogs and see what they have to say.

For complete details please visit the starting post HERE.

Describe how you shop for books.

Bookstores:  I wander the aisles and look at the books on the shelves until a title or a book cover catches my eye.  Then I'll read the synopsis.  If it interests me, I'll read the first sentence or so.  Then I'll start my inner monologue which goes something like this:

Do I really need this?
When will I need it?
After the other 100 books I still have to read?
Will I really start it right away?
Wouldn't it be better, cheaper and more environmentally responsible to simply get it from the library?
But what if in a few days I want to start it?

Of course, no one watching would know I'm having this discussions with myself.  It simply looks like I'm looking at the book, twisting my mouth, hefting the book in my hand as if I'm weighing it.

Online: I usually go to Amazon and repeat the above.  Sometimes I'll get lost in the internet root system. You know, where you keep clicking and clicking and clicking until you don't even remember the first item you clicked on.  Then I'll put things in my cart or on my wishlist.  When I look at the cart and see how much all my purchases would be, I'll either just move the books to my wishlist or log off entirely.

I'd love to hear if any of you do the above?  Or maybe you have another method of shopping for books.


Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

Your inner monologue sounds familiar... have you been in my head?

My issue with Amazon is preording. I will get excited about a book and preorder it and then forget about it till it shows up at my door. I think I've only read 2 of the I don't even know how many preordered books I've gotten this year.

Karen said...

I only go to the bookstore to buy brownies these days lol

I just can't let myself near books when I already have so many to read. I do enjoy just going though. I like being around the books even if I'm not shopping. I'll look at cards or the gift area instead.

Midnyte Reader said...

@Kim-I don't think I've ever pre-ordered. Too dangerous!

@Karen-I just love the bookstore...looking at anything. I feel more well read just being in one.

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