Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge - Day 9

Day 7: Share the story of your favorite teacher or mentor? 

The Back to School Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by Parajunkee. Stop by her blog to join in!

This has been the hardest question of this challenge to answer.  There have been favorite teachers, counselors and a few great bosses.  Even my siblings have been a huge influence on me.  I think that I have to name my dad as my favorite mentor however.  Not just with reading and books, but his encouragement.  Whatever I showed an interest in, he would buy a book about it or a kit or something so I could explore.  He taught himself glassblowing, fly tying and went back to school to become a teacher when he was well past 50.  He was an amateur photographer (like myself) and he wrote poetry and short stories (and even got one poem published).  I don't know if it occurred to him that he couldn't accomplish something.  Thinking about it, I wish I could have more of that chutzpah in my life.  I guess it's never too late.

Let me know who your favorite teacher or mentor is or was.  I'd love to hear it.


Karen said...

What a sweet answer. No, it's never to late to learn that you can do anything!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Your dad was amazing. Maybe you don't see it, but I think you're a lot like him. You have so many interests and talents, and you're so open to learning and doing more. You've even inspired me to take on more hobbies than just reading! I'd say you were a chip off the old block. :)

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