Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge - Day 5.

Day 5: Share your own story about what or who fostered the love of reading in yourself. 

The Back to School Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by Parajunkee. Stop by her blog to join in!

My Dad.  Definitely my dad.  Not only did he do all the things on my list from yesterday.  He was always reading himself.  He had his chair, (You know, the "Dad" chair that all Dad's seem to have?) and all around it on the floor were books he had read, books he was in the middle of reading and his big red dictionary.  He would sometimes pick it up, look up a word and go back to his book.  When he was done with one book, "PLOP" it went on the pile.  Then every once in a while he would gather up his pile and head to the library to return them and get more. 

The interesting thing about my dad, was that he didn't read books to me that *I* wanted him to read to me.  He only read what he wanted.  So, I learned that there were only a few titles that he would oblige me with.  Dick Whittington and his Cat, Puss in Boots, Annabel Lee and another poem about a man who froze to death in Alaska, but I can't remember the title. 

It sounds very simple but I know that it helped influence me.  Or maybe it just guided me along to discover what was to become one of my biggest passions. 

Who fostered your love of reading?


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Your dad and my dad would have enjoyed reading together and plopping books down on the floor. ;)

Is the poem The Cremation of Sam McGee?

Unknown said...

I think that is awesome that your dad gave you the love of reading! :) And that he read books to you that he enjoyed reading. I think that shows how much reading actually meant to him and he showed that to you as well.

Back To School
Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

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