Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge - Day 6.

Day 6: What are some steps you'll take on your blog to keep things flowing smoothly or change things up? 

The Back to School Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by Parajunkee. Stop by her blog to join in!

Oh how I wish I had goals and strategies to make my blog better, more appealing and more fun.  I wish I could think of awesome challenges like this one I'm participating in or great features like Tune in Tuesdays and Stacking the Shelves.  But I stretch myself to the point that I'm just happy when I can read a book and get a post up.  However, I have been thinking about plans for my blog lately, whether or not I'll actually implement them or not is a different story.

-Change my review format.  I'm getting tired of not being able to be more clever with my reviews or insightful.  How many ways can I express what I love about a book?  I want to come up with something different.  I'm thinking of just a list or maybe even participate in the Short and Tweet meme. 

-Get back to doing some features such as Midnyte Snack.  I mean, I love food and I love books.  It should be a no brainer.  Oh wait...I don't like to cook.  That's it!  But maybe I can just buy the food already made.

-Think outside the box.  I would really like to learn more about blogging and get fresh ideas.  Felicia from The Geeky Bloggers Book Blog t old me about Bloggy Boot Camp.  It's a bit pricey, but I'd still like to go.  I've actually started researching where I can take additional Blogging classes and workshops. 

-Use Instagram and Pinterest more.  (Self explanatory.)

-Further contemplate moving to Wordpress.  I sometimes wonder if I should just take the plunge.  Most everyone who has done so tells me I should as well.  I would like to implement all the cool gadgets, and not have to worry about the minor formatting issues I've encountered anymore.  But I also feel - If it ain't broke why fix it?

What do you think about my ideas?  I'd love any advice.  What are some steps you'll be taking with your own blog?


Julie@My5monkeys said...

Those are some great ideas . I have been to a bloggy bootcamp and the information was great. I do think changing it up is always good. Good luck with what ever you choose to do :) Many Hugs

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