Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Adventures at BEA 2012 - Day 2

Day 2 - Wednesday June 6, 2012.

Well this day of BEA was almost the death of me.  In a good bookish way of course!  I had to get up extra early to attend the Power Reader Breakfast at Random House.  If any of you know me, I am *not* a morning person, but this was important to me so my alarm was set!   When I got back to the Javits Center, my phone battery died and I couldn't contact the person who checked my suitcase for me while I went to the RH event so I couldn't dump off any books during the day.  It was hot and crowded and if not for my handler Lisa saving me with a power bar and bottled water, I may not have made it!

Ahem...anyway, Wednesday morning was the Random House Power Reader Breakfast.

The display in the lobby is very impressive. 

Me and Jen from Crazy for Books.

Kate Childs, a Publicist at Random House is one of the hard working organizers of the Power Reader Breakfast.  You may have also seen her in the Random House booth making sure the signings went smoothly.  I have to say that Random House organizes their lines well.  They have staff keeping aisles and booths accessible and lines moving.

This woman taunted us with her latte.  Luckily I was immune because I don't like coffee!

Two authors were the guest speakers at the Breakfast.  Nate Berkis, author of The Things That Matter spoke a little about our culture of acquiring material goods.  Charles Duhigg author of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business told a story of a woman who changed her life after a divorce and how changes are related to brain synapses and the two can power each other. Above was our view.  We couldn't see the presenters, but we were close to the delicious food.
Lisa and me at the Breakfast.  Random House also gave everyone a generous swag bag of books as we departed.  After the event, we hopped in a cab and went back to BEA.  The first thing I did when I got back to the Javits Center was find the end of the line for theYA signing at the Harlequin Booth. 

Kady Cross author of Girl in the Clockwork Collar.

Katy McGarry, author of Pushing the Limits

Julie Kagawa signed The Iron King

Cayla Kluver author of Allegiance.

Cara Lynn Schultz signed Spellcaster, the follow up to Spellbound.

Another doggy sighting!  I'm pretty sure this is a therapy dog.  

I love Tim Gunn.  I love Project Runway.  Unfortunately, the line was just a little too long and I had too much to do to get his new book.  I really wanted to meet him, but I had to be satisfied with getting a snapshot.  And yes, he is just as good looking and put together in person. 

Jonathan Maberry signs in the Horror Writers of America booth.  Looking on is author and publisher of Evil Jester Press, Charles Day. 

It's Guiness's tallest man and a Harlem Globetrotter!  

Of course, getting a copy of The Weird by Jeff and Anne VanderMeer was on my agenda.  They were both very nice.

Me and Steph from Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust.  

You know who this is right?  It's Erin Morgenstern.  Isn't she lovely?  Her writing is just as beautiful.
I got her book last year at BEA, but I just *had* to wait on line to tell her how much I loved it.  Is that dumb?

I ran into Vince Liaguno, editor of Butcher Knives and Body Counts, an awesome anthology of Horror essays.  We chatted about a few of his upcoming projects soon and how we're both looking forward to The Stoker Awards in New Orleans in 2013. 

Two of the funnest and funniest bloggers ever, Kim from On the Wings of Books and my pal Kate from Midnight Book Girl.  Here they are happily showing their number in the long, long, Harlequin Dark Days signing line. 

Elizabeth Norris, author of Unraveling.

Veronica Roth author of Insurgent.

Bethany Griffin author of Masque of the Red Death.

Aprilynne Pike, author of Destined.

The authors of the Dark Days tour.

Another doggy sighting!  Sorry it's blurry, this guy was moving a lot. 

Harlequin had a sweet display celebrating Charlotte's Web.  The pieces of paper in the web are notes about the book from fans.

Steph from The Fake Steph and me.   We went to the Little, Brown booth fairly early to get on line for Libba Bray.  We were told to come back a half hour before the signing.  We were thinking that we'd come back an hour before the signing to be safe.  We actually didn't wander far and we started talking off to the side.  All of a sudden we look up and there's a line on the other side of the aisle!  WTF?  Oh well, we didn't think the two of us could convince the 20 or so people on line that *we* were really the start of the line.  However, we had time to chat about a ton of stuff!

Each person on line got a little burlap bag with a necklace in it.  I'm looking forward to finding out the secret meaning of the symbol.

Libba Bray, as you can see, is very funny and was in very good spirits. 

After that I dashed over to the Autographing Area to wait on line for a copy of The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa.  In this line I met Ashley from Quixotically Uncharted

After the very long and eventful day, Lisa and I went to our favorite restaurant in Sleepy Hollow (okay our favorite restaurant anywhere) and treated ourselves to a well deserved peanut butter mousse!

Stay tuned for a recap of the last day of BEA.


Julie@My5monkeys said...

Those pictures and sounds like a busy day :) I have heard many positive things about the Random House breakfast . Sounds like an amazing day that ended with ice cream. a perfect day

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

You got some great photos! I'm sorry I didn't run into you at BEA this year, but I enjoyed your wrap-up.

fakesteph said...

Soooooo much to comment on! I love Kate and Kim, Timm Gunn is GREAT and his line was totally worth it, I love the picture of us and you made the wait for Libba Bray so much fun! I didn't see you at the Random House Breakfast and I must have totally missed the swag bag. Maybe I went out the wrong door? Who knows.

Midnyte Reader said...

@Julie - omg, yes! It was such a busy day!

@Diane - I didn't run into a lot of people who were there. I hope you had fun.

@Steph-I'm kind of sorry I didn't get Tim Gunn's book now. Ah well. You made the line for Bray fun too. It was great getting to know you. The RH Breakfast was pretty crowded!

Karen said...

You took amazing pictures!! Mine are all "trust me that's such & such author" lol

I can't believe you had peanut butter mousse without me!!

My phone died everyday too and I missed out on so many things with friends because I had no way to find them :-(

Great post!

Jennifer said...

Great pics! Except that one of me... I'm notoriously NOT photogenic..*sigh*

I'm SO glad I bought a battery extender for my cell phone. I highly recommend them. It's just an external battery pack that I plugged my cell phone into when its battery got low and charged it up. It was a lifesaver.

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

You have some awesome photos (I just wish I was more photogenic. Sigh). I wish I would have taken more, but in all the excitement I kind of forgot that I had a camera.

I didn't do too many signings, but I was in all the lines early, mostly because I was afraid of being in line for a long time and then being turned away.

I can't tell you enough how awesome it was to meet you! I just wish we could have ran into you more at BEA, but there was just so much going on!

Anita Eva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anita Eva said...

Whoops, sorry! Made some spelling mistakes, so here's my re-post ;-) Fantastic coverage as usual, Midnyte! I love that you covered the HWA booth as well, as I am always interested to see which authors showed up and the kinds of things they had as I don't get to go to BEA much these days :-( lol Glad you had a good time!


Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Kady Cross' hair is amazing!!! Wow! Now I want pink hair.

Thanks for sharing so many amazing photos. Now it feels like i was there. :)

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

I love all the dessert treats..Random House breakfast looked like fun and worth getting up, bummer about having to carry all of the books.

Midnyte Reader said...

@Karen-That is funny with your pics. I'm lucky I have a good camera!

@Jen-I think you looked great! And the battery extender is a great idea.

@Kim-I know, it's hard to hang out with people because of all the events.

@Darkeva-I always visit the HWA booth of course!

@Missie-I think you'd look great with pink hair!

@Kimba-The desserts were yummy! Carrying all the books was a good workout!

Unknown said...
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