Friday, June 22, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday (June 22, 2012)

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Q: If you could "unread" a book, which one would it be?  Is it because you want to start over and experience it again for the first time?  Or was it because it was THAT bad?  

A: This is a very interesting question.  Even books I really, really dislike add to my reading experience and help solidify my tastes.  They add to my mental library and help the dialogue of book discussion.  

I think this also applies to books I have loved.  They have defined my reading tastes in a way and led me to a path to find similar books, or just to find similar reading experiences. 

However, that being said, the books that came to mind first that I wish I could "unread" in order to experience the magic again are books by Charles de Lint.  Memory and Dream, his collections of short stories...they are so beautiful.  Also the original Bordertown books are pretty magical.   I was blown away by them.


Elle said...

I think its cool that you let bad books help you in a way!! New follower!!!

Chrystina said...

New follower, just hopping through! If you'd like to follow back you can find my FF Here
Have a great weekend!
Chrystina @BookLiaison

Bookingly Yours said...

my books to unread are vampire academy books because I wanna experience the excitement again!

Happy friday new follower!


fakesteph said...

This is definitely an interesting question, but I couldn't figure out how to answer! I don't want to unread any books I didn't like, either. And the books I love tend to be even more magical every time I reread them. I do love books that are magical and wonderful. Finding those books for the first time is so special. :)

Midnyte Reader said...

Hey Elle, thanks. I think a reader can learn from any reading experience.

@Chrystina-Thanks for stopping by.

@iamjen-I still haven't read the Vampire Academy books yet!

@fakestep-It is an interesting question and one I had to think about. I agree that finding the special books for the first time is a magical experience!

Unknown said...

Love the blog, so cute :)
New follower from the Blog Hop
My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

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