Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midnyte Finds - Susie Moloney

What did you find lately?  I found author Susie Moloney. 

Any of you go to the library even though you just went to BEA?  I just meant to return a few audiobooks.  Honest.  However, on the shelf right in front of the checkout line they keep the new arrivals and I saw a title by Susie Moloney.  I grabbed it and looked at the cover.  Eerie.  Creepy.  And the tagline about a circle of witches had me salivating. 
Susie Moloney is an author I found a long time ago with her novel A Dry Spell, about a bank manager in a small farm town that is plagued by drought who hires a rainmaker.  I read this book a few times and I loved it so much I started writing a screenplay adaptation.  (Never finished it.)  I always picture a certain scene in the book would be just like the one when Tim Robbins finally makes it out of Shawshank Prison and stands in the rain.  Overhead shot.  Zoom out.  Very powerful.  It also has supernatural activity and a romance element that I really like.   

I enjoyed A Dry Spell so much that I read another book by Moloney about a trucker who gets involved with a runaway and a supernatural secret.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the title of that book and couldn't find it on Goodreads or Amazon.  I also think I read Bastion Falls and The Dwelling.  Did I mention it was a long time ago? 

It was a nice surprise to find another book by Susie Moloney and I'm in the middle of The Thirteen now.  I'm enjoying it, but I'm not as captivated as I was when I read A Dry Spell.  Interestingly enough, A Dry Spell didn't get stellar reviews on Goodreads.  I wonder what my thoughts would be if I re-read it, but I don't think I will.  I think I will hold on to my wonderful memory of a book that I absolutely loved.

Has there been an author that you read a long time ago and have recently found something new they have written?  How about a book that you once loved and now your tastes have changed and you no longer care for it?


Rubita said...

Oh, crap...I got Thirteen for review and wasn't intersted, so I passed it along. It can't be good, it just can't!

fakesteph said...

When I was little I LOVED the Redwall books and I went back to reread the series last year and couldn't stand it. I was so sad!!! I may give it another shot though, because I still love Martin the Warrior, Mattimeo, and all those crazy little micefolk.

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