Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap Up.

Everyone's doing a wrap up, a best of and/or a top ten of books for 2011.  Here is my list, a little bit different and in no particular order.

Scariest Books I read in 2011:
A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons.  Looking back, this book was a bit slow, but the plodding pace lent itself to the eerieness.  It had some heartstopping moments. 

Dracula by Bram Stoker. Never would I have thought that a story I had heard and seen visually so many times could be frightening in the written word.  Spine-tingling!

Bag of Bones by Stephen King.  I listened to the audio version of this book and it was engrossing and creepy.  The subtle sound effects and use of music added to the experience.

Salem's Lot by Stephen King. Evil, deadly vampires.  Need I say more?

Books of Blood: Volumes 1-3 by Clive Barker.  Barker gives life to atrocities, horrors and some humor in this prolific collection. 

Holy crap, I can't believe what's happening in these books!
Dark Places and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. If you like dark fiction and I mean deep, dark fiction, mysteries and subterfuge.  You really need to read these two books.

Horns by Joe Hill.  This story is disturbing and oh so good.  It takes a lot to freak me out, but the scene in the treehouse did it.

Most enchanting:
Chime by Franny Billingsley.  The writing is lovely and original and the plot is clever. Billingsley has a unique and fresh voice.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  I want to catch a train and find this world.

Teeth edited by Ellen Datlow and Teri Windling. Spooky, eerie, sinister and entertaining.  Page by page the stories in Teeth riveted me. 

The Replacement and The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff.  This author gives her characters a strong voice and pulled me into their worlds.  The writing is clean and imaginative.

I'm so glad I read:
White Cat by Holly Black.  Not only is Holly Black an excellent writer, her plots are so clever that I never see what's coming.

Clarity by Kim Harrington.  Fun.  Just fun and a great character with a strong voice and convictions I admired.

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry.  I loved seeing the growth and change of the characters in this book.  I love the way the events weave together.

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossing.  I loved this book and didn't want to put it down.  The events wove together wonderfully.

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake.  I just finished this today and again it was one I couldn't put down.  The language, plot and characters are perfection.


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

You had an awesome reading year in 2012! You personally introduced me to some fantastic reads- most notably The Woman in White and Chime. Thank you so much, can't wait to see what you read in 2012 (and yes, I FINALLY ordered a copy of Anna Dressed in Blood).

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

I loved The Replacement, so I've been dying to read The Space Between. Good to know it got your stamp of approval.

Looks like you read some great books! Happy new Year, Pam! :)

Karen said...

Hehe I love the added visuals. I'll be reading Under the NEver Sky this week and I STILL have to read The Night Circus before someone beats me up. I get harassed weekly about this book!

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