Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Meme #4 (10/24/14).

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Welcome to my Halloween Meme! Each Friday in October I will be asking a Halloween or Horror related question.

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Question: Do you feel that today's political, cultural climate has changed the Horror genre?  Why or why not?

Answer:  Definitely.  I think that the Horror genre is dictated by society.  In ancient times it was fairy tales, in the 50s it was a nuclear, alien vibe, today scary stories are utilizing more technology.  And, during Halloween, we see costumes based on popular culture whether it be political or relating to celebrities.  I have seen hints of people utilizing the recent Ebola scare as well, which yes, is frightening, but I happen to think it's kind of in poor taste. Anyway, to get back to the question I think in order to scare people you have to tap into their fears, no matter the time period.   Most are basic - safety, losing yourself, being out of control, death, but with every era, these are reached in a different way.


M.A.D. said...

Very insightful answer, and I agree with you 100%! Funny thing, but during the Victorian era (in retrospect), it seems they were so easily shocked/titillated/swooning, etc - at things that wouldn't have us bat an eyelash! lol (or perhaps we are simply more jaded?)

miki said...

some fears are still teh same than in teh ^past but yes each time has its own so i think yes it's influence halloween... it's lesser seen in my country has halloween isn't celebrated much or for long but still

Karen said...

I agree. I think a lot of the horror movies/books/tv shows show more about our humanity to each other during the crisis than about whatever is attacking us. And most of the reactions seem to be reflecting the current cultural/political climate - guns, racial tensions etc

Love this meme Pam!

Karen @ For What It's Worth

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