Sunday, October 30, 2011

Costume Procrastination (Guest post by author Sara Trimble).

Halloween is near and I stare in shock at the calender. This month has flown by and the holiday has caught me unprepared. I guess I've been so focused on getting married that I blocked everything else out. Now that the wedding's out of the way, I find myself booked with Halloween events. A costume party, cookout and trick-or-treating, and even another adult costume party at a bar where a friend of ours DJ's. I love October and Halloween yet the idea that it's one week away terrifies me! I have three children. Zero costumes. What will I do?!?

Deep breaths. I'm a procrastinator, always have been, always will be. My husband repeatedly tells me I'll be late for my own funeral. That wouldn't surprise me none. I seem to thrive on deadlines. There's something about the intense pressure that always makes me perform much better. As I wrote a blog post for a Halloween blog hop I am participating in, I had a great idea. Since I am a writer and I love to read, I always want to be different than most people. I have a five year old daughter, and a sixteen month old son. Little Miss Muffet and the Spider! I think they would look so cute.

Of course my six year old son thinks he's too old to let his mom pick his costume so he wants to be a Transformer, though he did briefly mention being Little Georgie Porgie. I found this hilarious since he hate girls and wouldn’t be caught dead kissing one.

Now, I'm left to figure out what I might be. Usually, I go with something different. So maybe I'll lean towards my love of mythology this year and be Medusa. Lord knows my hair would cooperate just fine! I just hope I don't scare the beegeezes outta my children. Then again, they seem to be tougher than me when it comes to scary stuff. I see a clown and I run for cover. They see a man wielding a chainsaw covered in blood and think it's the coolest thing ever! Should I be afraid? Nah, it is Halloween. We're supposed to enjoy the frightening, thrive on the scares. Ha. Someone hold me!

Sara Trimble

Thank you so much for participating in Halloween Hootenanny Sara!  I usually have several costumes in my closet for just such uncertain moments.  Whatever you decide to be, I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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