Friday, September 4, 2015

Spooky September - Tribute to my Favorite Spooky Creature!

I'm participating in Parajunkee's Spooky September Challenge! Today's we're talking about my favorite spooky creature.

It's definitely between two.  Ghosts and witches.  I think first of all, these were the first spooky creatures that I learned about.  Fairy tales always seemed to have a witch and it seems that most cultures just simply grow up knowing about ghosts.

What I love about ghosts is that they are so mysterious.  There is always a reason why they are there and the trick usually is to figure out why.  They are also very versatile.  They can be friendly and helpful or evil.  Young, old, from long ago or very recent.  Beautiful or ghastly.  They can bring messages, have their own agenda or simply just exist.

I also love witches and always have.  I confess, I've always wanted to be one! That's why I think I've always been searching for one.  I loved reading about them, watching them, drawing them and writing about them.  Like ghosts, they are versatile too.  Good witches like Glinda, bad ones like her sister.  Any age, any time period, ones that fly and ones that do spells or just tell you the future.  Like ghosts, there is something very mysterious about them.  They can be as old as time or someone who just discovered her powers.

What about you?  How do you feel about ghosts and witches?  Are there any other creatures that you prefer?


Sherry Soule said...

I love ghosts and witches, too. Must be why I feature both in several of my published novels. :-D

There is a certain mystery surrounding witches that I think is fascinating. And ghosts can be eerie yet interesting.

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