Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guest Post by Nicola Reynor - Ghost Hunting tips!

Beginners Should Read These Ghost Hunting Tips
Ghost hunting sure is thrilling and terrifying at the same time. It makes you want something to happen one second and makes you want things to remain normal the next.
If you’re scared of ghosts but want to try out ghost hunting, nothing should stop you. But you can’t head to any haunted place without knowing anything about ghosts and looking for them!
Here are seven tips that you’ll find useful before heading out on your first ever ghost hunting trip.
Pick a Location
Paranormal activity occurs in several locations so the first thing you need to do is decide the type of ghost or spirit you would like to encounter. Lost souls, spirits of murderers and their victims, accident victims, and others can be found in and around hotels, parks, cemeteries, hospitals, prisons, and private homes, and also near scenes of major disasters or accidents.
As a first-timer, don’t think of spending the night inside a haunted mansion or an abandoned mental asylum. Your safety should be your primary concern and you need to be wary of angry spirits. You also need to be safe from strangers, so avoid going to crime-prone neighborhoods.
Research Well
Once you’ve decided on a location, you’ll need to do a thorough research on that place. Ask locals or use the Internet to get more details about the spirit that has been sighted or reported around the place you intend to visit.
Furthermore, you’ll need to know if the spirit appears during a particular time of the day or night, the exact place where past sightings have been reported, if the spirit is vocal, etc. Being ready with relevant information will help you prepare better for your visit and will help you avoid wasting time.
Most importantly, do take a look at the place or terrain during the day so that you know what to expect.
Never Go Alone
You should never go ghost hunting alone- not just because a spirit could do something to you, but also because there would be no one to help you should you injure yourself physically while walking around in the dark. As such, traveling with a friend or in a group of 3-4 people is recommended.
Taking pet dogs along can also be a great experience. After all, animals have intuitive powers and are able to sense the presence of ghosts!
Prepare for the Visit
You’ll need to be mentally as well as physically prepared before you go ghost hunting. Mentally, you will need to stay relaxed and keep fear out of your system; ghosts rarely hurt people who respect them.
To experience paranormal activity, you need equipment that can prove the presence of a spirit. So the hunting gears like rifle scopes, spotting scopes, guns etc. may or may not help you hunt ghosts! Carry a camping compass- it can act as a simple EMF (electromagnetic field) meter by picking up electromagnetic waves associated with spirits. In addition to this, carry a baking thermometer- spirits are associated with sudden changes in temperature!
Also carry a digital audio recorder and a camera and/or a video camera. Do take along a notepad and a pen to note down your observations in short. When analyzing data later, you’ll be able to relate your observations to other findings easily.
Apart from this, you’ll need to be dressed appropriately and be armed with flashlights, glow sticks, walkie-talkies, ropes, and a first aid kit for the visit.
Don’t Go Under the Influence
Smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs can distort your senses, so don’t indulge in these activities before your visit to the haunted place or while you’re hunting ghosts.
Also avoid setting anything on fire while you’re ghost hunting. Smoke can appear to be an apparition in photographs, and it will also give mischievous or angry spirits something dangerous to use.
Take Permission
Whether you’re going to explore a private or government property, it is important to take permission from the owner or authorities beforehand. You don’t want to turn up at a private home to find someone living in there and have them turn you in for trespassing. Abide by the rules of cemeteries, parks, and other properties to avoid being caught and fined.
Inform Loved Ones
Before undertaking an adventure of this sort, remember to inform your friends or relatives where you’re headed to. Take your mobile along and keep in touch with them so that they can help you should anything go wrong. Ask your ghost hunting team mates to do the same!
Ghost hunting is certainly not for the fainthearted; but at the same time, there’s nothing one should be scared of. If you’re responsible enough, ghost hunting can be fun.
With the tips given here, you now know how to go about planning and preparing for your first ever ghost hunting expedition. So be wise and you’re sure to have an exhilarating experience!

"Nicola Reynor is a blogger, fashionista and pet lover. Being a blogger, she likes to share her thoughtful and creative ideas on fashion, style, health, travel and lifestyle. She is also crazy for horror movies and story. You can find more about her at Nicola+"


John said...

Great article!!!! Very nice tips. Should be followed.

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Unknown said...
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johnandersonm said...

It's true, ghost hunting not for fainthearted. The tips you described is so much effective for newbie ghost hunter. I would like to add one element for ghost hunting and that's a good spotting scope to locate easily. Thanks for the important tips.

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