Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions-Budgets! (Monday, December 3, 2012).

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Question: Do you have a monthly book budget?  How has it changed since you started blogging?  Do you get more free books now that you have access to publishers/authors/other bloggers or is your book buying budget even higher than when you started?

Answer:  I do NOT have a monthly book budget, but I probably should.  My spending on books has definitely increased since I started blogging.  Like, a lot.  I used to be much more frugal when it came to buying books.  I would either go to the library or if I really wanted to buy a book, I would usually wait until it came out in paperback.  But now, with so much more exposure to SO many more awesome books, it is very hard to hold back sometimes.  It's like before I started book blogging I was peeking in the door, and now I have walked into the room to discover all these amazing books. 

Also, I spend money going to signings.  There is the travel, parking, etc.  And then of course I have to buy some signed books.  And then sometimes I have to buy doubles because I like to give away said signed books on my blog.  Speaking of traveling for books, let's not forget all the conventions that I now travel to.  Books Expo America, Authors After Dark Convention, World Horror Association.   It's really quite a feat to juggle not only my bank account, but my vacation time so I can enjoy these wonderful opportunities. 

I don't really work with publishers for ARCS for various reasons, so I don't get a lot of free books from that avenue.  However, I do have people that offer me books which is always greatly appreciated.  But really, I do not come home to packages of free books like a lot of other bloggers. 

So to sum it all up, I spend WAY more money on books and book related "stuff" now that I have started blogging.  

How about you?  What does your book budget look like?


fakesteph said...

I'm with you. I've always spent a lot on books, but now that I'm book blogging I am spending WAY more.

TP said...

I don't spend that much on books, but forgot about signings etc. I haven't been to any, but I did go to 2 days of BEA this year. Luckily I could drive about 75 minutes, but gas + parking + food, definitely added up.

Tanya Patrice

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I don't spend much on books but I do buy books that I really enjoyed in the ARC form. Yes book bloggers are more aware of books , and support authors of books

Bekka said...

Oh absolutely. I used to only buy paperbacks, and really had no idea about what books were coming out or anything like that. Now I buy books almost weekly, with multiple wish lists and spreadsheets all over the place. I don't actually budget myself, but that's because I'm goon with numbers naturally and don't need to write things like that down. So book blogging has been a blessing for my inner reader, but a curse to my wallet.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I have had a book budget the last 4 months and so far it has worked. Next year will be brutal for me because I need to save money. I will be strong, I will be strong :)

Alexia561 said...

You're right about the book related "stuff" adding up. Travelling to signing events so we can meet & support authors can get expensive. And sometimes I just can't wait for the paperback, so download a copy. Then I have to buy the book if I really love it, as I want to put it on my bookshelf!

Karen said...

Excellent points Pam. I didn't even take into account events.

The other thing you made me think about was that since blogging I feel like I can't wait for a book. I get too excited when I'm reading all these awesome reviews and I run out and buy the book.

I didn't feel that way before blogging. I just browsed until somehing caught my eye. I wasn't familiar with specific authors/series or anything.

Hannah said...

Oh, geez. When you factor in travel expenses (especially to BEA), then I definitely spend a lot of money on books. LOL

Aurian said...

Lol, great post, thank you. I spend way too much money on books, but I can't make myself stop. I buy new books, as my list of favourite authors keeps increasing, my calendar for new books keeps growing. And I still want to buy backlists as I am a glommer, and am replacing my Dutch books with English ones. So, no budget for me, I would break it in a day or two.
Still, if you don't spoil yourself, no one else will. But yes, bookblogging certainly makes me find more and more books I really want to read and own.

Midnyte Reader said...

@Steph-That's what happens with passions and hobbies!

@Tanya-Yes road trips to bookish events add up!

@Julie-I have to really, really love a book to buy it after I've read the ARC. I guess I'll do that if I can get it signed.

@Bekka-Wow you have spreadsheets? I'm impressed!

@Felicia-I know you can be strong!!!

@Alexia-That is too funny, that you just want the book on your bookshelf. I don't have a lot of room for books, so I guess that saves me in that respect a bit. Just a bit.

@K-I did the exact same thing. I would browse until I found something. I found out about a new book by going to the bookstore!

@Hannah-Forgot about all those travel expenses huh? lol.

@Aurian-I love that attitude. "If you don't spoil yourself, no one else will."

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that I should have a book budget. I go in spurts. I buy like crazy, slow it up...repeat.

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

I used to think I spent a lot on books, but since I've started blogging the amount I have spent on books is obscene. I really enjoy going to author events and I hope to do more in 2013, they are expensive (but lots of fun)!

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