Monday, December 17, 2012

2013 Audio Book Challenge!

I'm limiting myself on joining reading challenges for 2013 since I wasn't really diligent with them in 2012, but since almost half of the books I "read" are audio books, this is the perfect challenge for me!  One I can actually do well in!  I'm going to go for the highest level of reading 15 or more audio books, which is dubbed the "I can stop anytime" level. 

Please visit The Book Nympho or Hot Listens for further details on this challenge. 


fakesteph said...

Good luck! I'm not planning on doing challenges this year, but if I were... this one would be for me. :)

Karen said...

I need a perfect challenge. I fail so bad at these.

I join ones that I'm sure I could do well in and then all of a sudden my reading habits change.

Good luck to you!!!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I don't care that I suck at following through, I love challenges. Especially ones I know I won't have a problem following through with! I need to sign up for this one, and What's in a Name 6- that's one of my favorite although this year I barely managed it (I got stuck on the one where you had to read a book with something you'd find on a map in the title- but I finally read The Forest of Hands and Teeth). Are you planning on hosting any this year?

Midnyte Reader said...

@Stef-I need to cut down on my Challenges. 2013 may be my discerning year.

@Karen-Make up your own Challenge!

@Kate-I don't *really* care that much either, but it seems like a waste of a sign up if I try and don't follow through. I'm hosting the AAD 2013 Savannah Reading Challenge and probably the New Orleans Challenge like last year as well...which no one but myself does! LOL

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