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Carrie Read-A-Long - Part One:Blood Sports.

Kate from Midnight Book Girl and I are co-hosting the Fall Stephen King Read-A-Long.  Kate came up with some great discussion questions for Stephen King's Carrie (Part One: Blood Sports.)

Head on over to see what Midnight Book Girl thought about Carrie up to now HERE.  Next time we will be discussing Part Two: Prom Night on Sunday, September 23rd.   

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1. Is this your first Stephen King book?

2. What do you think of the style Carrie is written in?

3. Do you think the bullying/attack on Carrie that occurs in the late 1970's in the book could happen today?

4. What are your thoughts on Carrie's mother?

5. Young Carrie brings the rain of rocks down on her house at the tender age of three, but then there are no major events for years. Why do you think her powers remained fairly quiet until now? What role does her mother play in Carrie's use of her power?

6. Do you believe that telekinesis exists?

7. What is your favorite moment so far?

8. What do you think of Sue's plan to have Tommy take Carrie to the prom?

9. Any predictions (um, only if you haven't read this before or seen the movie! ;)

10. Just how crazy is Mrs. White?!

1. No, this is not my first Stephen King book by a long shot.  However, this is the first time I've read Carrie.

2. I love the style that Carrie is written in.  I am so used to the movie, that I didn't realize that it had all the other points of view (the reports, the books, the people).  It makes it richer, more interesting and more intricate.  It's not just about the event, it's about people's memories of the event and their analysis of it.  I usually don't like a bunch of different pov's but I find it works extremely well in this book.

3. I definitely think the attack on Carrie in the late 70s could happen today.  Look at how things have progressed with cyberbullying.  People today are commiting suicide over bullying.

4. I don't have any kind thoughts on her mother.  Where are Social Services?

5. I think this is interesting that there are no major TK events with Carrie from the age of 3 to about the age of 17.  I think that perhaps Carrie suppressed her powers out of fear of her mother.  When she got her period and thought she was dying she couldn't suppress her emotions anymore.  She was in a hostile environment and didn't know what was happening to her.  It was like her abilities couldn't be held back any longer.  The beginning of her cycle made her come into her power.  I think that blood in this book is symbolic not only for death but for power as well.

6. I'm not sure if Telekenisis exists.  I've personally never seen it or read any reports about it.  I do think that it is not out of the realm of possibility.

7. My favorite moments so far are when Sue and Tommy talk about their futures.  They seem bleak and boring.  I think this shows incredible insight for young people.  I also like when Tommy asked Carrie to the Prom, he urged her to go with him.  I think his good character shines and he is on the same page as Sue.  I also like seeing Carrie's character as well.  "You know I'd say yes." She tells him.  To me, this shows she is insightful as well.  What I also really love is that this book is as much about Sue as it is about Carrie.  They mirror each other in a way.  They are both growing and coming into their power. 

8. I'm still not sure why Sue did this.  I know she is very passionate with this plan.  I think she not only wants to assauge her guilt and to "atone" as they keep mentioning, but I think she wants to go beyond the predictability of her life and be part of something bigger than herself.

9. No predictions.  I've seen the movie, but what I love is discovering all the awesomeness I've been missing out on with the book.

10. How crazy is Mrs. White?  She is cock-a-doodle coo koo! 

Thank you Kate for coming up with these awesome questions.  If you've read Carrie what are your thoughts?


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I love all your answers!! Especially for number five. And I agree, the relationship between Sue and Tommy is really special, and I really liked how he asked Carrie out. The way he did it didn't presume that she didn't already have a date. I think it makes all that's coming that much more bittersweet.

Jen | Book Den said...

It's so cool when you get to discover all the awesome things that aren't included in a movie adaptation.

I agree with your answers. I imagine Carrie would have been terrified to use her powers at an earlier age if she realized she had them.

Unknown said...

I admit, that I am scared to read the books cause I know they will be much more scarier then the movie. And I agree with you answers! I be terrified too if I had powers I didn't know how to use or control.

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