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Book Blogger Confessions (Monday, September 17, 2012)

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Question - Blogger relations: Are there blogs you visit and comment on because you like their style, voice etc.(maybe you even converse with the blogger on Twitter & Facebook) but those comments are never reciprocated on your blog?. Do you get a bit offended or do you understand that they may be busy? Or do you comment just because you like a post not expecting anything in return?

Answer -  One day I realized that a blogger that I often left comments for and tweeted to never reciprocated.  I mean ever.  Not a comment on my blog or a tweet back to me.  I was surprised at my observation and my initial reaction was a sad little, "Heyyy."  But then I was amused.  Whether it was at my observation or the situation,  I'm not sure.  I don't know what made me realize this and I started to think about if this was really bothersome and why.

While I would love to have the people that I follow and leave comments for, in turn comment on some of my posts or tweets, I get that they simply might not have time.  I have a relatively low following, don't get a ton of comments, receive a manageable number of e-mails and I still have trouble leaving comments on all the blogs I would like to.  I can't imagine bloggers who receive dozens and dozens of comments, e-mails, etc., that they have to moderate and reply to having time to visit every single blogger who leaves a comment.

There are tons of blogs that I absolutely love and I am thankful for their tips, help and insights.  Truly that is why bloggers have blogs, right?  To entertain, help, share, and communicate thoughts with their readers.  To express themselves and be creative.  Not necessarily to comment on other blogs.  Just because Blogger A comments on Blogger B's blog, doesn't automatically mean that Blogger B is obligated to comment on Blogger A's.  I mean it's really nice when it happens, but it's not always feasible and it's not always going to happen.

There are several bloggers that I love that don't comment on my posts, but at least they acknowledge me and/or are friendly with me on Twitter.   I appreciate those relationships just as much as the people who comment.

So I guess the next time I feel that an online bloggy relationship is one sided, I will ask myself why I am commenting and/or tweeting.  If I feel slightly slighted it would be my prerogative to stop commenting/tweeting.  However, if I am getting something out of their blog, whether it is a great book recommendation, an idea or even just a laugh, I will probably continue visiting that blog, commenting and tweeting.

What do you think about reciprocal commenting in the blogosphere?  Do you think my initial reaction was too sensitive?  What do you think of commenting/tweeting to bloggers who have never commented or acknowledged your comments or tweets?


Jenny said...

For me personally, I tend to gravitate toward the blogs that reciprocate on the comments. I want my blog to be more interactive in nature, meaning when people comment, they know I'll either respond to their comment on my blog, or comment back on theirs (usually both) so that I can feel like I'm actually talking to people and not just putting my opinion out there with no discussion:) I don't like feeling like I'm talking to myself!

I'll be the first to admit that it takes a lot of time to comment. A lot. I probably spend 2 hours a day commenting, and that's just not possible for everyone and I definitely understand. I never hold it against anyone who doesn't return a comment, everyone has such different schedules, and like you Pam, there are a bunch of blogs I still enjoy following even if they don't comment:)

Karen said...

You really need to assess why you blog and why you comment (not you personally lol) It has to be because you're interested in reading and sharing - it can't be just for a quid pro quo. That's just my opinion.

BUT you brought up something and I totally saw myself!! I don't care about reciprocating blog comments but when you mentioned tweeting to people that don't respond - that upsets me. lol

I guess because it's kind of like a live conversation & you see them answering other people but not you. It's almost embarrassing. Like all things though, I'm sure they're busy/talking to 100 other people etc.

I love that you looked inside yourself and got a different outlook on it. Blogging can damage the ole ego if you let it :-)

Arianne said...

relatively low following? lol I have low following. you have over 500!! :) anyway, I just became a follower. yey :)

i probably should go follow u on twitter too.. *runs off to twitter*

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I try really hard to leave comments on blogs that comment on mine, but there are days/weeks when I fail. I try to keep the bloggers I am closest to in a special Google Reader file so that I don't miss their posts (you are, of course, among that group!), but again some days are just full with all the other stuff I'm neglecting.

I do need to tweet more often, and join the conversation because I feel like I'm still left of center in the blogging community. I have no one to blame but myself, however I give myself permission to start over everyday with best intentions!

Midnyte Reader said...

@Jenny-I love having a conversation too. To me that's the best part of blogging, talking about books. It is very noticeable that you reply to comments, lol.

@Karen-Love what you said that blogging should not be about quid pro quo. And yes!!! The whole Twitter thing...I've felt stupid on more than 1 occassion! Glad I'm not alone!

@Arianne-Thank you!

@Kate-I've been bad lately with commenting because August/Sept. has just been really busy. I really like Twitter just because it's so great to build relationships or just have casual conversations.

~Sara @ Just Another Story said...

I am the worst at blog commenting! The worst. I feel like I do ok with tweets, but the blog thing- FAIL! I am hoping to get better. I hope. I really appreciated what you said, though. It made me stop and think. I find that I make more of an effort to comment on my blogger friends blogs. If I have an extra 15 mins those are the blogs I'll gravitate towards. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing.

Thanks for the food for thought.

fakesteph said...

This is such a good question. I am REALLY bad about commenting back on blogs that I haven't already built a relationship with, but only because I've been so busy lately. Honestly, I haven't even read any blogs in over a week and trying to catch up today is killing me just a little.

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

I don't think your reaction was off at all. I think it's frustrating if you comment a ton and nothing is ever reciprocated, especially if it's a smaller blog. But that's just my opinion.

I don't leave a lot of comments on the bigger blogs, but when I do I don't usually expect a response/return comment etc, because I know that they get a gazillion comments.

I do not use twitter well at all, but I always respond to @'s. I'm usually good about responding to comments and visiting other blogs, but it's manageable for me because I have a small blog.

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