Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carrie Read-A-Long - Part 3: Wreckage

Kate from Midnight Book Girl and I are co-hosting the Fall Stephen King Read-A-Long.  

Head on over to see what Midnight Book Girl thought about Carrie (The Wreckage) up to now HERE.   

Also, don't forget about our Twitter party tonight starting at 8:00pm EST.  Use the hashtag #CarrieEnd!

We're done with September and we're done with Carrie.  I hope everyone had a good time reading it.  Don't forget to sign up for the Read-A-Long of Stephen King's Salem's Lot.  
The starting post and sign up will be up tomorrow at Midnight Book Girl or here at Midnyte Reader.

Here are questions for Part 3 of Carrie: The Wreckage.

1. If you've seen the movie, how did the book compare?
2. Carrie: Victim or Villain?
3. If you had TK powers what would you do with them? 

4. The Wreckage talks about the demise of the town.  I've noticed the theme of SK's setting as a character in other works.  What are your thoughts on this? 
5. Does anybody think they know what line from Bob Dylan was written in Carrie's notebook? 
6. Finally, what are your final thoughts/review of Carrie by Stephen King?

1. Cop out answer, but I really can't remember the movie.  I haven't seen it in so long.  However, what I really love and what surprised me is that the book is as much about Sue Snell as Carrie.  I loved seeing into the character's head (as is true with any book when compared to the movie).  I also felt more of a weird supernatural vibe.

2. Definitely both.  She is a victim of her circumstances.  Not only does she have this extraordinary power, but unfortunately, she has a crazy mother who is abusive and she is bullied.  I can't help but think that if she had just made it to Graduation she could have overcome her home situation and lived with her gift.  If someone has been abused and bullied enough they may eventually snap.  Seems like this story could also be compared to all the stories of kids in schools who snap and kill classmates.

3. If I had TK powers...oh what wouldn't I do!  Nothing evil of course, but lots of mischief.

4. I have noticed in many King books, he talks of the town the evil takes place in. Sometimes the town is a factor.  Sometimes the evil effects the town and sometimes the town effects the evil.  I think this could be a commentary on social situations where corruption breeds more corruption.  There is a thought that evil can't enter a person unless they're susceptible, so maybe King is working off that theme.

5. Another cop out answer, but since I'm not familiar with Dylan's work that much, I can't answer.  However, I googled it and found this on

In Stephen King's novel Carrie, a notebook is found that the title character had filled with the repeated lyrics, "Nobody has to guess/That Baby can't be blessed/Till she finally sees that she's like all the rest." These lines are taken from the second verse of "Just Like a Woman".

6. Stay tuned for my review on Carrie coming this week!


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I agree, the book is about both Sue and Carrie, which is perfect. I think Sue fits the role of the reader, she's who we probably imagine we'd be if we stepped into the pages, because like us she's able to empathize with Carrie and still find her disturbing. ;) Sorry the twitter party was such a dismal failure last night, but I was really wrapped up in Once Upon a Time- I already want to re-watch it! said...
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