Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stephen King Fall Read-a-Long.

One of the things I love about reading is discussing books!  I love hearing other people's opinions, viewpoints, likes and dislikes.  So I am delighted to join Kate from Midnight Book Girl for a Stephen King Fall Read- a-Long!

The Read-a-long will last until the end of November, and first up is Carrie.
It's a fairly short read, but since this is short notice the first discussion won't be until Sept 12.
The other two books will be:

October- 'Salem's Lot

November- Misery and/or Cycle of the Werewolf. 
Discussion for CotW will be on here and Misery will be on Midnight Book Girl's blog.

Carrie Read-a-long Plan:

The book is broken into 3 parts. 1 and 2 are the longest. Here are the dates for the discussions and twitter chats:

Part One: Blood Sports- Discussion post on 9.12.12, Twitter chat from 9pm EST- 11pm EST #CarrieBS

Part Two: Prom Night- Discussion post on 9.23.12, Twitter chat from 7pm EST- 9pm EST #CarrieProm

Part Three: Wreckage- Discussion post on 9.30.12, Twitter chat from 8pm EST- 10pm EST #CarrieEnd

Giveaways/challenges will be announced as we go along.

The original movie Carrie starring SissySpaceck is available on Netflix, so at the end of the month we will try to arrange a Twitter Watch party so that we can tweet while all watching the movie.

Sign up below!

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