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AAD NOLA - Tours and parties.


After the panels on Thursday I joined Adrian Phoenix's "Dante's French Quarter" tour, that reflects events in her Maker's Song series. I love walking around The French Quarter at night and that evening the magic of NOLA lent itself to her Maker's Song urban fantasy series.

Random scary monster on Bourbon Street.
 Adrian points out John Lafitte's bar, where her character Dante goes to escape the chaos of Bourbon Street.

                      This was the market that Dante went to in one of Adrian's deleted scenes.

                                               This is the place where Dante's bar is located.

                                                                 Pirates Alley!  Arrrr!

                               St. Louis Cathedral features in a dramatic scene in Dante's world.

         This favorite place to eat also was the setting in one of Adrian's scenes from the series.

                            The Mississippi River.  You can't write about NOLA without it!

                             Some ladies doing an umbrella dance. (They were not with us.)

That evening when I returned it was time for the Late Night with Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer event.   

    YUMMY cupcakes.

Pamela Palmer

Jeaniene Frost


Although I hadn't signed up for Suzanne Johnson's Royal Street tour, I decided to get up early and take a chance to see if there was an extra spot.  I'm so glad I did, because not only was there room, I got a glimpse of Suzanne's harrowing experience with Hurrican Katrina Orleans and insight on how New Orleans coped.  Suzanne brought her experiences to blank in her book and it was relayed in a detailed yet sensitive manner.

This is the house that Suzanne used as DJ's house...

Which was right next door to her previous house in NOLA. 

Her mentor Gerald's house was based on this home.  The Levee is right behind it.  You can see the walls.

Katrina was really a man-made catastrophe (in my opinion) and this sign gives a little insight as to why.

That day between panels and parties,  I ran into my pal Missie (The Unread Reader) who had just returned from the Steampunk Tea.  Could she look any more adorable?  The answer is no.  No she could not.

After the panels that day, it was time for dinner and the Echoes of New Orleans costume party.  I absolutely love costumes and costume parties.  I have to confess that I needed to bring an extra suitcase to pack all the makings of our accessories.

Some of my pals and I decided to go as waitresses from a made up place, The White Trash Zombie Cafe based on Diana Rowand's book My Life as a White Trash Zombie.  Karen (For What It's Worth Reviews), Missie (The Unread Reader), her sister Marlene, Felicia (The Geeky Book Blogger) and my friend Wendy were all my partners in crime.  How to sum up my blogger pals?  Well Missie is the sweetest, sweetest person ever.  Felicia is a firecracker of crazy fun and Karen is my total buddy...calm, cool and collected - I need some of that energy.  It was so great to spend some time with  with these awesome bloggers. 

Afterward, many partygoers braved Bourbon Street.  It was really cool to be walking along and see someone you recognize, hang out a bit, move on and hang out with others.

Enjoy the pics below.  I'm terrible with names and I have trouble keeping them straight...sorry!  If anyone has any names/websites for me, please let me know and I will add them, or if you'd rather have your picture taken down, let me know that as well.

This author's daughter made this dress!

Suzanne Johnson.

Each table had a unique centerpiece made by the author(s) seated there.

(l-r) Karen, Marlene, Wendy, Felicia, Missie & me. 

(l-r) Felicia, Wendy & Julie (Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks).

Leanna Hiebert

Damon Suede and Jade Lee do some dirty dancin'.


Saturday night was the Author Pub Crawl. The con was abuzz with anticipation. I had tickets to the Secret Cravings Roaring 20s Party and I thought I would stop by take some pictures and head to the pub crawl. However, I ended up staying for the whole thing. It was just so much fun. There was gambling, a bar and music. I met Kayla from Bibliophilia Please Beck Prizes were giving out and you could trade in your winning chips for more raffle tickets to win more prizes. I hope they do it again next year. I'll be sure to come in costume.

Lots of prizes were handed out.

Kayla is a card shark.  She totally cleaned up!

After the party, I went to a few bars to find authors and other attendees. I couldn't find anyone until I hit Pat O'Briens. I remembered that Kristen Painter was going to be there with blinking beads so she could be spotted easily and it worked. I spent the remainder of the evening there.

Monica (The Obscured Vixen) & Kristen Painter.  

Me & Alisha (My Need To Read.)

 (l-r) Stacey Kennedy & Kristen Painter.


Kayla Beck said...

Great pictures, lady! I wish I had taken more. It was soooo awesome to get to meet you! :-D

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Those are fantastic and what a great wrap up :) *huggles *

Karen said...

Thank you Pam for all the work you put in to those awesome costumes!! Brains and eyeballs - right up my ally!!
And I still owe you a drink!
I think I'm too calm, cool and collected lol

Obscured Vixen said...

Awesome post! And love the pics. Thanks for the shout out <3

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

You are made of AWESOME, Pam! I loved the whole experience, it was certainly memorable. And the costumes!!! Oh, they were my favorite part of AAD! Everyone really got into the spirit. It was fangtastic.

Thank you for the write up. I STILL haven't done mine. Now I feel like it's too late. LOL

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