Sunday, April 22, 2012

Top 5 Sundays - 5 reasons I'll quit an author.

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This week the subject is Top 5 reasons I'll quit an author.

(These are in no particular order.)

1.  If the author personally disappoints me.  I know this might not be fair.  But sometimes if a person's behavior is extreme and questionable, I just do not want to support them anymore.  Case in point are celebrities who spout racial and prejudice slurs, who abuse their spouses or are rude to people in a public setting.  (Especially something like a signing where the public specifically comes to see them.) Luckily, I have not come across this with an author, but if I did, I probably would not be able to separate their book with their personal behavior.

2.  If the plots of each book is the same.  If a writer just changes the characters and settings but keeps the basic storyline, I get bored and frustrated.

3. If the characters get too ridiculous.  It's one thing if a woman (or a man) is  perhaps half-vampire.  But if they become superheroes over the course of a book or even a series, I start the eye rolling.  Keep her a half vampire.  She doesn't have to be a powerful witch too, and a shapeshifter, and really good with a gun.  Oh yeah and gorgeous and hot and have every guy in the book be totally in love with her.

4. If romance becomes the focus of the story.  I don't mind romance and I love a great starry eyed relationship, but if the plot starts shifting that way too much in every book, I'm not really interested.

5.  If the story is not believable.  This could apply to characters acting silly and events that I can't believe.  I have found that a lot of this is influenced by the writing.  Some writers can take you to the highest pinnacle of a dream and some just are not as successful.

What will make you stop reading an author's book?


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I am so not a fan of Mary Sue type characters, it gets so old so fast. And while I'm all for romance, I agree, if you're not actually reading a romance story, than the plot should focus on the story and not the romantic foibles of the characters.

Logan E. Turner said...

Oh my gosh YES to number 2. If you can't actually write 17 different books, then just stop writing.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you! regarding the first one... Im like that as well, I have a hard timne separating the author from the work =P

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