Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 World Horror Convention - Gross Out Contest

Gross Out Contest!  (Hosted by Rain Graves)

The Gross Out Contest is a time honored tradition at World Horror  Convention.  Entrants read a very short story for audience approval that has to include a beginning, middle and end.  If you don't finish your story in the alloted time you get disqualified.  Unless!  Unless the audience gives you a thumbs up to continue.

The stories were...well gross.  There was the story of a father's revenge on the criminal that killed his daughter, one I think if my memory serves me correctly, about a toilet bowl seat and one regarding having carnal relations with a corpse. Who was his mother.  Yeah gross.  Not for everyone.  However, unless you were offended you were laughing. Laughing in the midst of inhumane readings, because the material was just so unreal it was funny, because the "bouncers" made it even more entertaining with their intimidating saunters ready to pluck the participants from center stage, and because you wondered just how far the author would take his story. 

This was my first gross out contest, and honestly, it might not be my last!

Unfortunately, I didn't catch everyone's name, but here are some pictures.  If you can identify any of the names, please let me know and I will add them.

This author also provided some visuals. 

The audience gives a thumbs up!

Joe Lansdale. 

The lineup.  

The audience votes for a reader to continue. 

The bouncers made some entrants do push ups. 

The winner!


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