Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Picture the Dead contest at Dark Faerie Tales

Okay, some people may find this creepy...well probably more than some.  But I like it creepy (and I mean spooky and eerie, not "stalker creepy").  One subject that I find, well interesting, is Memento Mori or Victorian Death Photography.  In the 1800's and early 1900's pictures weren't taken liberally like they are today.  I mean think about it. Cameras weren't even that common.  Usually people only had a few portraits taken in their lifetime.  But what if someone passed away before a photo could be taken?  Their family may have opted to have a portrait taken before that person was buried.  They weren't being macabre.  They simply wanted a "keepsake" to remember their loved one.

What got me writing about this subject?  I was checking out the  Dark Faerie Tales blog and there is an excellent article about the topic by the authors of Picture the Dead, a book about a young woman dealing with the turmoil of the Civil War.  Check it out!  You can read the first chapter and enter the contest to win a copy of the book.  I'm entering, so wish me luck!


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