Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Godmother by Carolyn Turgeon

Please note that the author gave me this book at the Book Blogger Convention reception, but there was no agreement regarding reviewing it.


Lil, the former self-proclaimed original Fairy Godmother of Cinderella is now living in New York City after being banished from Faery. What happened on the night when she was supposed to get her charge to the ball? She has to cope with her life in this world while at the same time try to figure out how she can go back home to the world she dreams about and misses.

Midnyte's Review:
A favorite quote: “These crazy humans, clawing out their hearts when they loved and weren’t loved back.”

This re-telling of Cinderella from the Godmother’s perspective took place mostly in the main character, Lil’s, head. The reader was enveloped in her memories, her dreams and her desires. The writing was lovely and emotional. It seemed as if Lil was trying to find beauty everywhere she looked because at the same time felt lost in this world and in her own skin.

Lil longed for something in the human world when it is usually humans longing for Faery. It made me appreciate the unique qualities of what it means to be human. And like humans, Lil learned the lesson; “Be careful what you wish for.” Ironic, because then all she wanted was to get back to where she came from. She thought if she redeemed herself for the mistake she made in Faery she would be welcomed back there. Her redemption came in the form of her boss, George, the bookshop owner and a young hairdresser, Veronica. Although I related more to Veronica than George, Lil’s affection for them both was clear.

Although easy to read, the story itself isn’t fast paced. It is slow, deliberate and takes it time as it weaves in and out of Faery, in and out of New York City, in and out of Lil’s psyche. It is like sucking on a lollipop not biting through it to get to the tootsie roll.

As a reader I experienced the details of the Garment District, city streets, even nurseries and museums in a magical, musical way that rivaled the descriptions of the enchanted Fairy Tale. Could the author be trying to convey that this world is a Fairyland in its own way?

Lil drew me in, but not all the way. She was likeable but a little confusing. After reading the end, I think the author did this on purpose and her behavior and thoughts made sense. While not all the details of the mystery are spelled out it is clear what is going on and when the light bulb went on it was a big OMG moment.

I really don’t want to give too much away. I even hesitate to hint that there is something to give away. But I wanted to know what had happened on that fateful night when she had to get Cinderella to the ball, I wanted to know how Lil ended up in New York City and I wanted to know if she would get back to fairy and how. This was a book I couldn’t put down.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
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