Friday, June 11, 2010

Cherry Bounce

Ever hear of Cherry Bounce? I’m reading A Twisted Ladder by Rhodi Hawk, which is excellent. It takes place in New Orleans and they mention foods throughout. I googled it and this is a recipe I found on I’m a bit dubious about how this tastes, but my obsession for New Orleans will probably lead me to try it.

Cajun Cherry Bounce

1 lb. fresh firm ripe cherries.

2 c. sugar

1 fifth inexpensive bourbon

Wash and scald a gallon jug with an adequate opening at top to drop in cherries and a tight fitting cap. Remove stems and wash cherries, but do not pit or peel. Drop cherries into jug. Pour in sugar, then bourbon. Cap tightly. Turn upside down and back every day for at least a month to help sugar dissolve. Let age at least 6 months at room temperature. After six months, transfer cherries and liquid into an attractive bottle for serving on ice cream or cake topping or for gift giving.


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