Monday, October 28, 2013

Guest Post by Boris Dzhingarov - Funky Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time for you are your partner to dress up in couples Halloween costumes. You really need to think of something cool that will work out as a fine choice and be a hit with everyone around you. Here are a few couples Halloween costumes you two could use for Halloween 2013:

1.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse: Well if you love Walt Disney, then Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are the perfect costumes for you two love birds. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Couple Mascot Costume

2.  A lock and key: If she is one that completes you then dressing up like a padlock with key is a neat idea which your better half will love.

3.  Soap and Loofah: If you wouldnít mind being a Loofah to your husbandís soap bar act you two can hit the streets trick or treating. You can make your children bubbles if you would like to. Halloween costume ideas should be out of the box literally.
 4.  Shrek and Fiona: Shrek Costume Some green paint and some medieval dressing sense should help you get into character for the Shrek story. You could dress someone else like a donkey if they are up for it. Having your kids dress up like one is probably a bad idea.
  Fiona Costume  
5.  Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin: You and your better half could be out in Khakis dressed like the Irwinís did. If you love wildlife and wonít mind to pretend then you should definitely look into this costume. You could even get your baby or child to dress up like a crocodile.

6.  A doctor and an X-ray: If you could play a sexy doctor, your husband could wear a glow in the dark skeletal suit. You two would look awesome together. If you are a doctor this would be a hilarious costume to wear.

7.  Bowing Ball and a Pin Bowling Pin Adult Costume Ladies, if your man is obsessed with bowling then let him be a bowling ball while you can dress up like a pin. You will have a blast in these couples Halloween costumes. Bowling Ball Costume

8.  A baker and an oven: If you are expecting a baby then it would be great if you could dress up like an oven while your husband dresses up like a baker who put the bun in the oven. Your husband could call himself the bun maker. These Halloween costume ideas for women are will keep you busy planning till Halloween finally arrives.

9.  Edward and Bella:†If you like vampires, it wouldnít be a bad idea to dress up like Edward and Bella for Halloween this year. You could make your pet dog dress up like Jacob.
10.  Batman and Catwoman: Batman Halloween Costume Comic book freaks and batman fans can take these costumes and transform themselves into the vigilantes of Gotham city. If you have always wanted rock hard abs, your suit should do the talking for you.

You can also†dress up as other superheroes. Catwoman Halloween Costume   These creative couples Halloween costumes are sure going to attract peopleís attention. For all you know, you could be the talk of the town at this yearís Halloween parties. Why do something alone when you can do it together? You can also check some of the other Halloween costume trends for 2013 online.

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