Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eerie and Entertaining: The Perfect Halloween Party - Guest Post by Debbie Fletcher

Eerie and Entertaining: The Perfect Halloween Party

With the horror-based holiday fast approaching, now is the time to begin the preparations for the perfect fright fest by holding your own Halloween themed party. There is no better occasion to embrace the dark side and indulge in all things sinister and creepy and invite your friends and family to share your enthusiasm joining in with the festivities and taking part in some ghoulish games and emulating their favourite creepy characters with the best in Halloween costumes, www.costumes4less.com offers the best opportunity to recreate the horror based characters of past and present to really get into the spirit of Halloween.

A Daring Date
Make sure you hold your party either on or as close to Halloween as possible, the purpose of the party will lose impact and sense if it is weeks after the holiday. 

Eerie Invites
Be creative with the invitations, you want to reaffirm the theme of the party to your guests and make them understand how seriously you are going to be celebrating the occasion. Word them with the best adjectives and descriptive language and have the invite in the shape of a typical Halloween themed character or animal.

A Miserable Menu
You may not want to have a sit down dinner but you should provide snacks for your guests that HAVE TO tie in with the theme of the party. Be creative, name things with a typically Halloween name and turn normal dishes into a horror filled mess.

Confirm Costumes
Halloween is the only time where a lack of costume is just not an option. It is the perfect holiday for dressing up and there really is no excuse for guests turning up without one, they are simply and easy to put together. They are a must and this has to be emphasized to those you invite.

Garden Graveyard and a Haunted House
Go crazy with decorations, turn each room into a positively ghastly area that will shock and scare your guests. There is no point making a disjointed effort, when it comes to Halloween you must go all out and that begins with the decorations.

Creepy Competitions
Turn typical party games into a horror themed extravaganza, pin the limb on the corpse (not a real one obviously), head bobbing instead of apples and no party would be complete with a costume contest.

Disgustingly Devious Drinks
Obviously, you need to alter the drinks depending on whether or not the party is for children or adults but the same rule still applies. Make sure your drinks follow a theme in much the same way the food does. A bloody mary etc.

Monstrous Music
There are a lot of songs that are typically Halloween themed such as the Monster Mash but if you do not want simply gimmicky songs then think heavy metal, slow eerie compilations, there are usually playlists online that will give inspiration.

Wait Until Witching Hour
The party needs to go on until at least midnight or for those with real stamina, witching hour. Every possible Halloween / element of fear needs to be embraced and incorporated into the party.

Trick or Treating?
This may not be the best idea for adults but make sure it is an option or at least cater for the possible trick or treaters that may come to your door looking to wreak havoc. Just because you are having a party does not mean you can neglect the other Halloween enthusiasts.

There is one important thing to remember when organising a Halloween party and celebrating the holiday… turn EVERYTHING into a fear fest and turn the simplest everyday items into something to be afraid of!  


Debbie Fletcher has a love for everything art, design, and especially horror. She loves nothing more than than to write, and trys to take up any creative opportunity that she can. You can follow her here: @Debbie_Fletch18

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