Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midnyte Finds - Digital Costumes.

One of my contributors pointed me toward these Digital Costumes and I think they are wicked cool!  If you want a unique idea for Halloween, check these out.  I bet you'll be the only one at your party wearing one.

Basically, you download an app made specifically for whatever costume you choose, the beating heart seems to be the most versatile, then you put your smart phone *in* the costume.  There is a strategically placed pocket for it.  It's kind of like you are wearing your phone as part of the costume.  Just make sure it has plenty of power before you go out!

They are being sold at Morph Costume Co. in the UK.  I couldn't grab a photo to re-post here (I guess because of the movable component), but click HERE to see the costumes in action and to purchase them.  I was told they are also for sale in the U.S., so keep your eyes peeled.
(Click on the link for funny costumes too to see "Little Miss" and "Mr." costumes.)

What do you think?  Would you ever wear one of these costumes?  What other apps or videos can you think of that would go well in a costume?  I'm thinking lightning for a Frankenstein or mad scientist or kooky eyes in a mask.

Please note I am not receiving any compensation for posting this.


fakesteph said...

These are creepy, but very cool. Thank you for sharing!

Kate Midnight Book Girl said...

Very cool!! On the 27th (which happens to be my 11th wedding anniversary), I'm dragging the Hubs up to NoVa to a Victoria Schwab signing- and we get to dress up as villains. I'm going as Lizzie Borden, only a little more modern. I can't wait to get my bloody axe!

The Paperback Stash said...

Sounds neat. Not sure yet what I'll be wearing this Halloween.

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