Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halloween Hootenanny - 2013!

Please join me for my 3rd Halloween Hootenanny, celebrating all through October!

  • Creepy reviews. 
  • Ghoulish giveaways.
  • Scary posts. 
  • Frightening interviews.
  • Spooky goodness.

If you would like to contribute with a guest post, please contact me at  midnytereader@gmail.com.

Please grab the button!

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If you are hosting your own Halloween bookish event on your blog sign up here so that others can celebrate Halloween all over the web!


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Can't Wait! I love your Hootenanny :) I will have to think if I can come up with a guest post on Witches! I will email you later today :)

Shadow said...

Yay! I cant wait! I love your Halloween fun! I loved it last year! You rock it! Thank you! :)

SweetMarie83 said...

I can't believe this is the third year we're both hosting Halloween events! I always love yours and get to discover cool new spooky books. I still wear the bracelet and earrings I won from you all the time, too! :-)

fakesteph said...

Woohoo! We're doing Bloggers Dressed In Blood again, but we're still finishing organizing it. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of spooky fun for this October :)

Midnyte Reader said...

@Felicia-Thanks so much! I hope to make it fun even though I've been a little MIA lately. I'd love a guest post on witches.

@Shadow-Thanks! Stay tuned!

@SweetMarie-I can't believe it's 3 years! I'm glad you are still enjoying your jewelry.

@FakeSteph-That's awesome. Can't wait for it.

@caitstruelife-I love spooky fun!

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