Thursday, November 1, 2012

Authors After Dark 2013 Mini-Challenges.

Welcome to the AAD 2013 Mini Challenge page.

Become more involved in the Authors After Dark 2013 Reading Challenge and host a mini-challenge.  It can be a scavenger hunt, a title sentence game, a mini-meme, a short story contest...use your imagination!.


•The Mini Challenge must pertain to the Authors After Dark 2013 Savannah Conference.

•You do NOT have to be signed up for the Authors After Dark 2013 Savannah Reading Challenge to host a Mini-Challenge.

•Create a post for your AAD 2013 Reading Challenge mini-challenge. 

•Grab the button below to link back to this page.


•Feel free to create your own button for your specific mini-challenge, but please use Midnyte Reader's mini-challenge button above to put in your post so others can click on it and be led back to this page for more information.

Sign up on the Mister Linky below using the url to your Mini-Challenge post.  Please do not just link to your blog.


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