Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 World Horror Convention - Other stuff

Joe Landsdale Kaffeeklatsch


Dealer's Room

Benjamin Kane Ethridge holds his book Black & Orange. 

Mass Signing

Dan Wells.

Robert McCammon.
Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kim.
Yvonne Navarro.
Christopher Rice.
My new friend Wendy and Joe McKinney.
Jeff Strand and Wendy.
Wendy, Robert McCammon and me. 
Sherrilyn Kenyon and Wendy.

Christopher Rice and Wendy.
Me and Christopher Rice. 
"It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."
The box of books I mailed home. 

Stoker Awards: A lovely meal, a humorous emcee and an entertaining evening.  For a full listing  of winners, please visit the HWA website.

Rio Youers Launch Party for Westlake Soul.

(l-r) Chrisopher Rice, Michael Rowe, Rio Youers. 

Rio Youers reading from Westlake Soul. 


Jenny said...

Yay Dan Wells! I just got to meet him at an event in Dayton and he was really funny. He didn't have his cool hat on though. Bummer. And I adore Sherrilyn Kenyon, I'd love to meet her!

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