Monday, May 14, 2012

Robert McCammon and Open Road Media.

Sarah from Open Road Media contacted me because she noticed my fanatical posts about Robert McCammon and thought I may want to spread the word about their company publishing some titles of his in e-book format.  McCammon to go!  I'll take fries with that please.  Click HERE for a list of McCammon ebooks and wonderful wisdom from the author.

Open Road Media also fashioned the above nifty graphic illustrating the covers of Swan Song over the years and in different countries.  I think it's very cool that one of my favorite books were printed in so many languages.

Jen from The Book Den is one of my McCammon fan buddies and she wrote an excellent Robert McCammon update post HERE.

Take a moment to check out some other titles that Open Road offers.  A few that caught my eye are Celtic Lore & Legend, Dark Fairies and Encyclopedeia of the Undead all by Dr. Bob Curran.  They also carry titles by Stephen Coontz and Ted Dekker.


Hunter said...

You can find hundreds of various covers of all the McCammon books on

Some are great, some are astonishingly bad!


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

That's so awesome that your McCammon love has been recognized! I am definitely looking forward to being able to download some of his books on my Kindle, there's still so many I need to read!

Jen | Book Den said...

The more I see all of the different covers of my favorite McCammon books, the more I want to start hunting them down!

Jenny said...

I have yet to read any Robert McCammon - is he mostly mystery/thriller or is he horror? I'm not a big horror person, but I love a good mystery:)

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