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Who I would date in the Harry Potter universe.

Please note: This will have spoilers if you haven’t read the books or seen the movies.

I took a test once and the result said I would date Harry. Let’s put age aside here and first I'll talk about the kids. While I adore Harry, I don’t think he would be my choice. The three boys that stole my heart in the Harry Potter series are Fred and George Weasly and Neville Longbottom.

Besides from Fred and George being funny and fun loving here are the reasons I love the Weasley twins.

1. They are loyal. When everyone was riding Harry about being the heir of Slytherin because he spoke Parseltongue, Fred and George dismissed it. They believed in Harry and had absolutely zero suspicions.

2. They are adorable and charming. I read the books a long time ago so I don't recall this in print, but remember in the movie The Goblet of Fire when Fred calls over to Angelina Johnson in class and asks her to the ball via pantomime?  I just loved that!

3. They are brave! Not only did they cut out of school in a raucous display and ruckus and start their own store, they defended Harry with life and limb. I was absolutely devastated when George lost his ear in a fight and doubly so when Fred lost his life. I really wanted to throw a tantrum and hunt down J.K. Rowling. It was bad enough when Sirius was killed…and then Dumbledore! But not Fred too! I mean come on!

I also would totally date Neville. Sweet, unassuming Neville. I love characters who grow in a story. In the start of Harry Potter Neville is shy, awkward and clumsy. He broke his arm, his spells blew up in his face and backfired. Was Neville ever going to get a break? And worst of all, his parents were tortured to insanity by the Deatheaters.  But by the end, he is as much of a hero as Harry. Some of my favorite moments with Neville...

1. Neville is so steady.  Right from the beginning he shows his integrity.  In HP & The Sorcerer's Stone, he tries to stop Harry, Hermione and Ron from sneaking out.  He doesn't want them to break the rules and he is not going to give in to peer pressure from them.  Even Dumbledore rewards him for this.

2. He is sweet!  I don’t really remember this scene in the book, but I loved in the movie Goblet of Fire, he stays late at the Ball dancing the night away. “Me Harry!” Neville tells his friend with wonder. Wouldn’t you just love to spend an evening with Neville? He would be kind, respectful and although quiet, you know what they say, still waters run deep.

3. He is tenacious.  Neville is one of the only students at Hogwarts who understands the danger of Voldemart.  He practices his spells because he knows it's not a game and he knows the importance of being prepared.  When the time came, he was able to fight alongside his friends as a wizard of caliber.

4. He is brave.  In the movie The Deathly Hallows pt. 1 when the bad guys came on the train looking for Harry, Neville mouths off to him.  Do you think he'd do that in the first movie?  In the book The Deathly Hallows, it was Neville who got the band back together, so to speak, and assembled Dumbledore's Army in order to help Harry defeat Voldemort. Then he went on to kill Nagini! Yeah, that’s right! Go Neville!

If we went into more age appropriate characters for me, my choice would definitely be Sirius Black.  He is tormented which gives him interest and character.  He is insightful and empathetic. He is the black sheep of his family, but in reverse. He is on the side of good, not evil.  Okay and let’s face it, Gary Oldman brought this character to life so well that I can't imagine anyone else doing. Oh yeah, and I wanted to kill JK for his death too.  But here are a few reasons why I love Sirius.

1. He is protective.  Not only did he try to protect Harry's parents, he escaped Azkaban in order to protect Harry.  Sirius is very concerned about Harry in Goblet of Fire and gives him advice to help him get through the Triwizard Tournament.  In Order of the Phoenix he comes to Harry's aide when he is lured to the Department of Mysteries by Voldemort.  He also helps Harry in the Deathly Hallows when he is summoned to help Harry Harry through the Forbidden Forest.

2. I love Sirius's relationship with Harry.  He is more than his Godfather, he is a surrogate father.  I love their moment together in the movie Prisoner of Azkaban towards the end when they are talking on the hill.

3. He is a romantic tragic hero.  He is disowned by his family.  He is wrongly imprisoned. When it seems like he might finally clear his name, he is thwarted again.  And then!!!  He is killed by his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange just when things may start looking up for him by connecting with Harry and his friends again!!!  I'm getting choked up and mad all over again just thinking about it!  Sirius Black started out a legend in Harry Potter and he ended one as well.

So who is your Harry Potter universe boy or girlfriend?


KatByrdie said...

I would date Luna in a heartbeat. Luna has my heart though. She's amazingly kind, more intelligent than she's given credit for, and quite brave <3 If I were straight and older I'd totally date Snape. Poor thing is so heartbroken; he just needs love. Also, Alan has one hell of a sexy voice!

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi. My 17 year old just got a new Mac for his birthday the other day, but he hardly touched it today because he is so jazzed about the film. He and his friends are sitting on tickets to the midnight show tonight and he can think of little else...
I will see it, but am not quite that excited. Hopefuly sometime this weekend or next.


Midnyte Reader said...

@Kat-Yes, Luna is totally awesome. An old soul for sure. You are kind to be nice to Snape. I would want to date Alan Rickman in Sense & Sensibility, not necessarily as Snape.

@James-That is kind of awesome. I'm going to wait to see it too when the crowds die down.

Anonymous said...

Okay I can't help it but I am a huge Alan Rickman fan so I would have to go with Prof. Snape..LOL...I love his character he is so evil acting but at the same time he is protecting HP. Oh and I could kill JK for his death too..LOL

Kaitlyn Devin and Grace said...

Lets see, I totally agree with you on the Weasley twins and especially Neville, he has always been one of my favorite characters :) I think the one I have the biggest crush on , though, is Ron.

-Kate the Book Buff

Bookish Brunette said...


Midnyte Reader said...

@booklady- I love Alan Rickman, and I think Snape is a great character, but I never felt drawn to him.

@KD&G and @BB - Ron, huh? He is a great character. I've been hearing a lot of critics say they feel that Rupert Grint is the best actor of the bunch. I saw him on Top Gear and he is such a lovely person.

Mehme said...

Ok, I would date Harry first. ( I have a HUUUGE crush on him :)
Then Neville. (My favorite character, and also, look at Matthew Lewis NOW)
Then Draco. ( I know,he's bad, but he's so HOT)
Then Ron (I've had a thing for Gingers recently)
Then Fred adn George (same reason you did)

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