Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stoker Weekend 2011 - pt. 3. Butcher Knives, Cool People I Met and The Stoker Awards Dinner.

Butcher Knives and Body Counts Reading and Signing:   Several of the authors of this ambitious project convened to talk about the book and read a sample of their contributions.  Horror writers and fans have so much to say about the genre and I'm looking forward to reading the opinions, perspectives and knowledge that this collection offers.

Editor Vince Liaguno also gave a special thanks to Anthony Timpone, editor of Fangoria magazine who wrote the Afterwards.

Cool People I Met:  I was very happy to meet the blogger behind Darkeva.  Hers is one of the first blogs I followed.  If you like horror, check out her site.

Darkeva, Sandy S. & David Bernstein.
Darkeva and I met Sandy S. and her boyfriend, author David Bernstein. David has had 55 short stories published in the last two years, which is pretty incredible.  I'm definitely going to keep my eye on him.  You can check out his blog HERE.  We had some silliness after the Night Terrors panel when Darkeva grabbed Douglas Clegg's notes and was going to hold them hostage. We also all took pictures of Joe Hill's coffee cup chalice. We had plans to grab it and put it in a shrine or maybe sell it on e-bay, but we didn't.  I mean we're not that crazy!

Charles Day, is an author who sat in several of the same panels I did and offered very astute contributions and helpful comments to the panels.  Check out his webpage HERE.

Eliyanna Kaiser is another cool person I was lucky enough to hang out with. Her short story "Different From Other Nights," is included in the Dark Faith anthology which was nominated for a Stoker Award.  Check out her webpage HERE.  Eliyanna also is a contributor to The Dead Robot's Society Podcast. 

Stoker Awards Dinner:
Delicious food, fun conversation and a show!  Jeff Strand served as a very humorous Master of Ceremonies and I enjoyed his spiel with Michael Arnzen.  Norman Prentiss paid homage to his parents in his touching speech and Joe Hill accepted on behalf of Stephen King, and let the audience know that his dad wanted to tell us that "...we were all a bunch of "sick f@&%s."

To see the full list of winners, visit the HWA site.

Jeff Strand.
At the table: Janice Gable Bashman, Jonathan & Sara Maberry.
At the table: Eliyanna Kaiser, Scott Kenemore & Adam Blomquist.

Ellen Datlow.
Peter Straub.


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