Thursday, May 26, 2011

When: Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 
Where: Books of Wonder, NYC. 
What: The Class of 2K11!

The Class of 2K11 panel. 

(l-r) Alyssa Grosso: Popular, Angie Smibert: Memento Nora, Geoff Herback: Stupid Fast, Gae Polisner: The Pull of Gravity, Christina Mandelski: The Sweetest Thing. 

(l-r) Carole Etsby Dagg: The Year We Were Famous, Sheila O'Connor: Sparrow Road, Trinity Faegen: The Mephisto Covenant

(l-r) Trinity Faegan, Bettina Restrepo, Amy Holder.

(l-r) Angie Smibert, Geoff Herbach, Gae Polisner, Christina Mandelski. 

Me with Amy Felder Dominy.

Casey from The Bookish Type


Savannah said...

I am seething grean with major jealousy!!! AGH!! You are so lucky! This is so wonderful! I love all the pics!

wangzha said...

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