Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Giveaway.

The Great Lover by Jill Dawson.

Nell Golightly is living out her widowhood in Cambridgeshire when she receives a strange request: a Tahitian woman, claiming to be the daughter of the poet Rupert Brooke, writes to ask what he was like: how did he sound, what did he smell like, how did it feel to wrap your arms around him? So Nell turns her mind to 1909 when, as a seventeen-year-old housemaid, she first encountered the young poet. He was already causing a stir - not only with his poems and famed good looks, but also by his taboo-breaking behaviour and radical politics. Intrigued, she watched as Rupert skilfully managed his male and female admirers, all of whom seemed to be in love with him. Soon Nell realised that despite her good sense, she was falling for him too. But could he love a housemaid? Was he, in fact, capable of love at all?

This seems like a perfect book to give away for Valentine's Day.  I received it at BEA, but never got a chance to read it and I'm not sure I will.  So, I'd thought I'd offer it up to one lucky winner.

No need to follow or tweet.  Just leave a comment and tell me what literary character you want to be your Valentine!

  • Please read my contest policy HERE.
  • This contest is open internationally!
  • Contest ends February 15, 2011 at midnight.
  • Please leave your e-mail in your comment.  No e-mail=no entry.
  • If I cannot get in contact with the winner within 5 days of my notification, another winner will be chosen. 


Unknown said...

Great giveaway hon! No need to enter me though =D

Happy Valentine's day!

Kulsuma said...

I would like Mr Darcy to be my valentine because he's a true romantic at heart and I of course would be Elizabeth Bennett!

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

Bones! I couldn't type it fast enough. LoL

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Hey Pam, I just read your contest policy, but I didn't see anything about entering multiple contests at the same time, so I want to enter this one if that is okay, but only if it doesn't disqualify me from the other giveaway you have having right now.

I'd pick Henry Detamble from The Time Traveler's Wife. Love that guy!

missie at

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