Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Giveaway

Happy October!

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I made this bracelet to give away to one lucky winner.  The silver beads are sterling and the red crystals are Swarovski.  I beaded them on Stretch Magic.

No need to follow, link or tweet.  Just leave a comment and tell me 3 things you love about October.  And please leave me a way to get in touch with you so I can get your address if you win.

This contest ends on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at midnight (or should I say "Midnyte"?)  If I can't get in touch with the winner within 3-5 days, another winner will be chosen.   And yes!  I will ship internationally!


Kulsuma said...

I love that it gets dark earlier, I love autumn and that it's only a couple months away from my birthday=)


Bonnie said...

What a great contest! My reasons are:

I love that the air starts to crisp and cool in October.

Holidays are about tradition and I love that I can always count on Jason being on the front lawn of a neighbor's house every year!

I love passing out candy to kids as my dog and I go out for our evening walk on Halloween night.

Is jewelry making a hobby of yours? Love the bracelet!

Happy hauntings, Bonnie and the gato

Midnyte Reader said...

Yes, I like to make jewelry, especially Halloween themed jewelry.

Angelique said...

What don't I love about October?!?!

Cooler weather and shorter days...more optimum candle time

Hot bubble baths with rich scents and incense burning

Scary movies all over the TV

I can drag my witchy stuff out and call it "decor"

Pumpkin carving

Stores full of spiders and owls and vampires and ghosts and....

Candy corn

And everything else =)

Anonymous said...

I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves and of course decorating for Halloween! I also love all the scary movies on TV too, love the ABC Family line up of fun stuff too and "The Great Pumpkin" of course! Thanks for the giveaway!

stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

April X said...

Thanks for the giveaway :D Thats an awesome bracelet!

I love Halloween :D I love how it gets colder, so I can wear a jacket and jeans w/o looking like a wierdo :) I like watching the leaves change colors and fall!

Skulls said...

Ok, I missed the deadline, but. . .

I love that I get to break out my massive collection of horns so I can wear a different set every day of the month.

I love going to haunted houses. Especially if I get to bring newbies with me that frighten easily.

I love that the YMCA pancake day in the town I grew up in is every October and the whole area smells like pancakes and bacon.

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