Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Challenges 2015!


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I did this for a little while last year.  The support is so great and you also find out tips and tricks and apps to help you keep going. 

I already walked Monday and Tuesday, so I feel I'm ahead of the game.  I actually have a goal.  I want to lose a little weight, and get in better shape by Feb. 6 because I'm going to be on vacation for 10 days in Louisiana.  I hate feeling sluggish and tired and out of shape when I'm trying to sightsee.  So I'm hoping this will help me.


Hosted by: The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog and The Book Nympho.

I love the library and utilize it frequently.  In fact, I get all my audio books from the library.  How easy is this?  I'm going to go for Dewey Decimal level which is to read 12 books from the library.

What Challenges are you doing this year?


Julie@My5monkeys said...

I am doing the fitreaders one too and by chance I have been going more to the library with my girls more. I am not officially picking challenges :)

Karen said...

Ya! Glad you're joining the FitReaders! It's always nice to have a support system to keep you going.

Karen @ For What It's Worth

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Good for you and all your goals! Although... it's hard to imagine that you could ever feel sluggish while in Louisiana, it seems like you come even more alive there. ;)

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