Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feature & Follow - Blogger Pet Peeves (September 19, 2014).

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Blogger pet peeves? 

~Not being able to do everything I want on my blog.  In other words, I wish I was a bit more technically savvy with graphics and coding.

~Not having enough time!  We all know by now that blogging takes up more time than we ever realized...but still.  I want more time to visit other blogs, to promote my own blog and more time to create posts in general.

~I can't come up with enough unique stuff!  Hey you other bloggers out amaze me!  You have so many amazing features and memes, creative ideas and unique events. Seeing all your blogs inspires me, but that next great idea always seems just out of reach.

Does any of this sound familiar?  What are your blogger pet peeves?


Brittney said...
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Brittney said...

I hate that I don't have enough time to visit other blogs, too. Everyone said how time consuming blogging was, but I guess I didn't realize it until I did it. And I wish I knew how to code better, too. And I think your blog is very unique! I am very excited for your Halloween event next month! Happy Friday!
New GFC follower.
Brittney @ Reviews from a Dreamer

Unknown said...

Lack of tech knowledge - yes definitely a pet peeve. I would love to be able to do cool stuff with my blog but nope, can't do it. Happy Friday!

Following you via GFC :)

Here's my FF

Obsessive Compulsive Reader

Tracy said...

Numbers two and three omg yes! Thing have changed a lot since the semester started back. I just never have enough time to do everything I want on my blog AND for school... so I don't spend a lot of time on homework. Haha! And number three, I feel the same way. I only do "original" posts on Thursdays and even then I normally just write about random things. Old follower :) Thanks for visiting my F&F!!

Unknown said...

Bell and whistle sites peeve me to no end. Ya, I want to see a thousand different graphics loading. LOL

New GFC follower.

Guy Vestal @ Counter Culture Critic Here is my #FF

Stormi said...

Oh I totally get each one of those I wish I had more time and was tech savvy as well! I also wish I could come up with something cool and unique for my blog or start a new meme..alas it seems like everything I think of someone has already done it.


ailyn koay said...

GFC follower ... your header looks really awesome!
##FF 33.

Aditi ~ A Thousand Words A Million Books said...

I agree- my HTML capabilities are almost nil. And if hate clutter too!

New GFC follower:) hope you can stop by mine!


Eileen said...

I wish I was more creative and can think up unique discussions too! I love the layout of your blog. It's very neat and organized. I'm a new GFC follower :)

Eileen @ BookCatPin (

Jennifer @ BookShelfery said...

My pet peeve is lack of time to visit other people appropriately, which I'm trying to rectify. I wish I could get paid to blog! But then it would be a job...

J said...

This is a wonderful blog! I followed you via GFC too!<3
The Journeys' of my beating heart

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