Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garden Ramblings - Ups and Downs

Garden Ramblings is a feature created by Karen from For What It's Worth Reviews.  I not only get blogging and book advice from Karen, but gardening too.  And because I want to be just like her, I decided to share what's "growing on" in and around my yard too.

I have a lot to catch you up on, since my last Garden Ramblings was at the beginning of May.  That month was a blur.  I had RT and BEA, which I still have to re-cap.

When I got back from RT, my seedlings were really coming along nicely.

I was hoping to plant them, but the best laid plans, etc., etc., etc., My side garden wasn't quite finished being mulched.  You can see below the side that has been mulched and the side that hasn't.  However, all the pruning and weeding has really allowed the Robin Hood Rose bush to really bloom.

And, I was hoping I'd be able to plant the vegetables in my vegetable garden.  But as you can see below, my attempts at making a fence just wasn't working out.  I was able to put in these metal posts (all by myself I may add), but I needed help with the actual fencing part.  My husband was afraid the deer (numerous in my area) and other animals would just be able to trample over the fencing so he bought wood posts and off I went to Home Depot to return the metal poles.

So BEA comes and goes and still no fenced in garden and unfortunately, all my little seedlings bit their own dust.  Even the tomatoes, which held on the longest, finally couldn't take not being replanted anymore and gave up the ghost.  

Over the past weekend my husband put up the wooden posts and this week we put up some of the fencing.  (Much sturdier). 

Remember my lovely NOLA balcony inspired garden from last year?  I had some issues there too.  I had a hard time finding Boston Ferns.  I found some at WalMart, but they weren't as big and lush as the ones I found at Home Deport last year.  Ah well.  My husband's roses are doing great, but my Tea Roses...not so much.  A lot of branches died and I really had to cut them back.  Also, more Black Spot like I had last year.  

One of my sad rose bushes. 

The other sad rose bush.  You can see the Black Spot on the leves.  With a lot of care, and staying on top of the Black Spot, some Tea Roses should still bloom.  I still love the way my NOLA garden turned out.

So that's what's been going on in my yard.  How about yours?


Karen said...

I think it's looking great Pam! I have horrible luck with veggies so I never bother but this fall I'm going to try to grow some salad greens. If that works maybe I'll add more.

I tried pea pods this year but they sizzled to a crisp with the heat we're having.

Midnyte Reader said...

Thanks Karen! I kind of wish I hadn't started a vegetable garden. I was just getting excited and wanted to grow everything in sight! said...
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