Saturday, May 10, 2014

Garden Ramblings - Seeds and starts.

Garden Ramblings is a feature created by Karen from For What It's Worth Reviews.  I not only get blogging and book advice from Karen, but gardening too.  And because I want to be just like her, I decided to share what's "growing on" in and around my yard too.

Last summer I created a NOLA garden on my front porch.  I liked it so much that I decided to expand my gardening plans.

We have a garden on the side of our house and I was digging up Sassafras roots and little saplings that popped up.  Sassafras trees are very prolific.  

Then we mulched.  I'm about 3/4 done. 

Up here in the tri-state area of NY, the recommendation is not to plant outside until after Memorial Day.  I was getting antsy so I decided to try to grow some things from seeds.  To the right are tomatoes.  I cheated a bit and got a "kit" from Home Depot.  The little shoots pushing through in the clear container are Morning Glories. 

These are the tomatoes about a week later.  They grow up so fast (sniff/sniff). 



My friend told me about this method.  This way, I don't worry too much about animals chewing on them.  I'm sure they could if they really wanted to, but so far so good.  I'm leaving the broccoli outside now since I was advised they are a "cold weather" plant.  

More broccoli.  When they get big enough and I dig out my vegetable garden I'll replant them.  

I'm pretty new to gardening since I was never very good at it.  But I think now I understand that you really have to put time into your plants and I really do enjoy it.   If anyone has any advice for a novice gardener please let me know!


Karen said...

Oh I'm so happy you are joining me with these posts!

I'm not sure if other people find them all that interesting but it has really motivated me to keep not rack this year and I've been rewarded with beautiful blooms!

My advice this week is don't plant invasive ground cover. I spent this entire weekend and 12+ hours digging up jasmine vine. I originally planted it to help keep down weeds but it took over everything and was so hard to dig up.

Your seedlings look great. I don't usually grow veggie shut I had an empty trellis so I'm trying Pea Pods. We'll see what happens I guess.

Aurian said...

I like posts like this one a lot, so thanks! I am not much of a gardener myself, my garden is about 50 cm wide to 2 meters long. I use a lot of plants in pots, and those stackable pots, so there can be more plants on less surface. I love tomatoes, but I can never keep those plants alive after I have bought them at the gardening center.

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