Monday, July 27, 2015

Guest Post by Graham J. Wood - Zein: The Homecoming.

Even in my early life, I was captivated by different worlds and events you could not explain. 
When I decided to write my Zein trilogy starting with Zein: The Prophecy, and recently Zein: The Homecoming about an alien race that lives in the skies above us, I just let my imagination run riot. It is hard to explain how liberating this is. Almost no boundaries. The constraints I imposed on myself were mainly to bring an element of reality to the extraordinary new world that was flowing from my fingers on the keyboard. It is therefore little surprise that some of the main characters are ‘normal’ people who you would not expect to be the driving force against the evil facing us.
My job negotiating contracts across the world brings me in contact with numerous cultures and behaviours and provides a richness, I hope, to the character development. It also means that the love I have of watching peoples characteristics, the hidden (they think) nervousness, the passion and determination helps me develop the interplay between my characters, not only female to male but to how all individuals relate to each other. My anti-hero, Tyson who is always fighting his internal battles with the fate of his friends usually resting in his hands is a case in hand.
All I can promise you is when you read my stories the pace is unrelenting, the characters come to live in front of your eyes and the battle between good and evil is never an easy one. 

Follow the exploits of a small band of humans and persecuted aliens, the latter very much like us but who have a strange array of magics, who fight back against incredible odds. Enjoy…
Graham Wood was born and raised in Manchester, England and today lives in Timperley, Altrincham, England. He works freelance, coordinating large global outsourcing contracts. 

Zein: The Homecoming 
By Graham J. Wood

The second novel in epic sci-fi trilogy in which a lost planet’s hope and the lives of many rests on the actions of the brave few who faced and beat adversity on Earth, not knowing a secretive evil sect undermines all.

After the climactic Battle of the Southern Palace in Book 1 of the Zein series, the humans have begun to accept the Zeinonian race into their lives and a calm has fallen over the world. Kabel, the alien prince, is made Lord Chancellor and his people begin to apply their advanced technology and knowledge on advancing Earth’s farming, medicine and mining, the latter required to build up major stocks of the powerful raw material, zinithium. Leaving the integration of the two different cultures to others, Kabel leads a joint Human and Zeinonian Expeditionary Force to search for his people’s home planet, Zein. His companions include his half-brother, Tyson, who is increasingly struggling to contain the magics conflicting with his human DNA. Reaching Zein, they find the survivors are attempting to wipe out an indigent but ferocious animal race, the Pod. Kabel and the Expeditionary Force find themselves caught in the combat as the Pod fight back, leading to Tyson’s capture by the animals. Zylar, Kabel’s uncle, is back and building his zombie army on a nearby planet where Tyson’s mother and Kabel’s sister are imprisoned. Kabel and Tyson will use all of their strength to try to defeat the Pod and do battle with Zylar again.

Back on Earth, the Cabal, led by a shadowy figure called the Speaker, have already begun plotting to turn the humans against the Zeinonians once again. Driven by greed and a hatred for the aliens, the group infiltrates the United Nations and stages a vote for martial law to quell riots on Earth, placing the Zeinonians under curfew and jeopardizing the short-lived peace in the process.

Zein: The Homecoming is the second chapter in author Graham Wood’s fast-paced sci-fi trilogy charting an epic battle between good and evil, continuing its exploration of the themes of friendship, optimism and adversity that will resonate with audiences young and old alike. Wood was inspired to fulfill a dream held since he was 15 of being a novelist and write the Zein trilogy after his daughter, Becky, underwent open-heart surgery at only 14. It was at her bedside as she recovered that he began formulating the story in order to take his mind off her suffering. Book 1 sales have raised $3,000 for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House after they were instrumental in helping Wood’s family. Further donations will be forthcoming.

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