Thursday, March 13, 2014

Guest Post by Carrie Mason - Top Unusual Ways That Will Help You Communicate With The Dead.

You need not be born with special powers to carry out certain activities.  The existence of the paranormal world is still a matter of extreme mystery as people try to face each other with conflicting ideas.  It is not an uncommon fact to realize that at the end of the day, human beings are of a spiritual nature and that and that whether ghosts exist or not, one can certainly communicate with the dead and their spirits.  Some people are of the strict opinion that the door to the other side should never be opened as it can cause severe harm to the people living on this side of the world if you are unable to close it down effectively.  However, while some people reflect on the tips of writing a good will, other venture into the unknown territory to talk to spirits and make contact with the departed.  Given below are some tried and tested ways that have worked previously and are used extensively by people to talk to and connect with the dead.  

1 1.) Ouija Board:
Umpteen movies have demonstrated the use of the Ouija board and essentially, this board can be easily considered as one of the most common ways to communicate with the dead.  However, communicating using this board is not always a bed of roses. Firstly, you need to realize that this is dangerous as it aims at bridging the gap between your own world and that of theirs and therefore, when you open it, you should also be responsible enough to close it. Before you even begin, you must pray and pray with all your heart. If you aim at doing this as a fun camping activity, it is advised that you consider looking into another activity to kill your time. Make sure that the contact you try to make is positive and that you do not anger the spirits by being disobedient and under the influence of alcoholic substances.

2 2.) Use your flashlight:
You may have seen this on the myriad TV shows that communicate with the dead. Ideally, you need to turn the flashlight on and invite a spirit into your midst so that you can talk to them. The turning on and off of the flashlight is how you will talk to them. You instruct the spirit and give them directions to answer questions by either turning on the light for a yes and vice versa.

3 3.) Using a mirror:
Ideally, this type of communication with the dead requires you to make use of mirrors or crystal balls or any such material that can easily reflect light. You need to be thoroughly relaxed when practicing this kind of communication method. Your mind must not wander and your eyes must focus on the object selected. Ideally, a dimly lit room works best for this. However, you need to realize that this form of communication is suitable only for those who wish to communicate with a loved one who may have departed.

4 4.)  Writing on a piece of paper:
This is probably one of the easiest ways to communicate with a spirit. This method calls for you to be prepared with several sheets of paper and pens or pencils that will be sued when you make contact. You can write your very own tips on writing a good will or you can focus all your energies and pray before you begin. You will not realize it but a spirit is likely to make contact with you and this will happen through the sudden thoughts in your head which are likely to 
find their way onto the sheets of paper.

Author’s bio:
Carrie Mason is a well known psychic who has been in touch with the paranormal world right since she was a child. She has also taken lessons in law as a student and can give you excellent tips on writing a good will


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