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Book Blogger Confessions - Juggling Blogging and Real Life (Monday, April 1, 2013)

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Question:  How does blogging effect your *real* life?  Are friends and family supportive?  Do you find that blogging cuts into family time?  How do you strike a balance between the two?

Answer:  I do have to admit that blogging takes up a very large chunk of my time.  I feel like I spend even more time reading than I did before blogging.  Added to that is the time I spend blogging, checking out other blogs, on Twitter, etc.  I used to write a lot more and concentrate on other hobbies, like making jewelry and pottery.  It's just me and my husband at home, so I don't have to balance blogging even more with kids, which might be a good thing because I might forget to feed them!  My husband is absolutely fine with me blogging.  He has his hobbies, I have mine.  My friends are fine with it too.  They think it's interesting although I think some don't really get it.  

I don't think that blogging cuts into family time.  I can put it aside if I have plans and althogh blogging/reading is a priority, it's not an obsessive priority.  A night out or a movie definitely will come first.  

However, finding a balance with my own free time has been challenging.  As I said, I used to spend a lot more time on other hobbies and I'm having a difficult time getting back to them.  There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.  I know one thing that would help would be to cut back on social media and computer games.  I will probably have to simply implement a schedule.  Two hours for reading, two for blogging and two for crafts.  Of course I'll have to find time to cook, eat and clean.  Maybe an assistant is in order?

So what about you?  How do you balance blogging with the demands of everyday life?  Any tips?  (Because I could really use some!)


AwesomeAmy said...

Oh, do get an assistant! A bookish one perhaps? ;) I do agree that people understand and have hobbies, I'd admit that the social element of blogging is a winner!
For some reason my tweet didn't tweet to you. Silly feedburner! Nevermind, eh?

Roberta R. said...

Haha, assistants are in huge demand it seems. We could share one if I lived near your place! Too bad I'm in Italy.
It sounds like your hubby is a lot like mine, in the sense that he lets you have your own space. Awesome, isn't it?
A schedule could help, but it probably would take the fun off things. Maybe we should "simply" narrow our interests or goals when it comes to blogging and/or online activities? Like, stick to a limited number of memes, challenges or similar things, not feeling forced to write x reviews in x days, cut our online friends to a reasonable (and real) number, and so on...

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I don't play games but I can see where the free time can go away quickly LOL
I agree that following blogs and commenting are big too

Logan E. Turner said...

I totally agree about it cutting into other hobbies. I definitely spend less of my free time doing other things because of blogging, and most of my slumps are because of that. I decide to forgo blogging from time to time to focus on other things because I can't quite get the balance right.

Karen said...

Kevin doesn't have a problem with it but I'm like you, blogging has cut into my other hobbies.

I've made an effort to find more balance with everything. The social media is the most time consuming. Oh Twitter how you lure me in! lol

fakesteph said...

I know exactly what you mean about blogging overtaking your other hobbies. I think I'm going to have to go on haitus if I ever want to finish editing my novel, but I keep just trying to make it work.

Lauren said...

Lol... I feel that I would forget to feed my children as well :P I did used to do quite a few other hobbies before blogging but now I'm obsessed with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same: blogging is a hobby, not an obligation. I do find myself lacking in hours of the day though, when my free time is taken up by reading and not the other things I enjoy.

Jen | Book Den said...

I would love to have an assistant! And a nanny. And a housekeeper... :D I think my other hobbies are what suffer from blogging. I usually can only do one or the other.

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

I need an assistant too! Or win the lottery so I don't have to work. Either one works for me :)

I feel the same as you. Since I've started blogging I spend a lot of time doing blogging things which leaves less time for other stuff. It's all about finding a balance, which can be tough sometimes.

I also procrastinate on the internet a lot. Just going to goodreads to snag a cover for a review can take 15 minutes.

Midnyte Reader said...

@Amy-I think an assistant is the way to go. Yes, I've met great people due to blogging.

@Roberta-Oh yeah, my husband definitely give me space. I agree with you on the not feeling obligated aspect of blogging. I'm definitenly doing that regarding reviews. I read slow and simply can't get a lot up in one week (sometimes two).

@Julie-Being online *does* take up more time than I realize.

@Steph-I have a first draft of a novel for so many years, I'm embarrased to say!

@Lauren-Blogging can be obsessive. Plus it's very validating.

@Moonlight-I wish I could stick to a schedule, but I'm not disciplined enough.

@Jennifer-Yes! It's like something has to give. Unfortunately, it's usually something else that I enjoy.

@Kim-I think blogging takes up a lot of time for everyone. I admire people who really can find that balance. GR and Amazon are timesucks!

Anita Eva said...

Hiya Midnyte!
I agree--blogging, reviewing, reading, etc, all takes up a good chunk of time, and even though I'm hyper-organized and use schedules, which can definitely help, real life gets in the way sometimes, but in the end what matters most is that we share our love of the written word and enjoy each others' reviews :-)


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I'm lucky enough that my husband also has his own hobbies and content to just be in the same space as me. And I'm also lucky that all my best friends are bloggers- I kind of forced Courtney into it, and then got Kim to start one so she could do readathon, Courtney isn't blogging much these days, but that's mostly because it's one of things she had to let go of in order to make time for other dreams.

I wish I could say that all my online time was dedicated to blogging, but I waste so much of it on Facebook games and endless Wikipedia searches (you know, one page has a link, leads to other links, and before you know it you're on the HeeHaw IMDb page). I wish I were more organized, it's something I strive for, and goodness knows the times when I'm actually prepared are the best times. ;)

Stephanie @ Love. Life. Read said...

I've been battling the same battle...I want to get my blog off and running, I've not made the time to do my other hobbies.

I have to work to make sure I strike a balance so I have family time (husband and daughter) along with this and my crazy work schedule. It hasn't been easy but I think I am getting better at it.

Thanks for the great post! New subscriber :-)

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