Saturday, November 12, 2011

NY ComicCon - Artists and Costumes!

I absolutely love costumes and aside from all the Halloween events I attend, NY ComicCon is another great venue for people to show their creativity and ingenuity.  I saw lots of really young people in costume and while I wish I had a venue to encourage my creativity at their age, I'm so happy that there is a place for them to shine.  

Here are some pics of the trade show floor, costumes and artists.

Being a Halloween person, I tended to gravitate toward the zombie costumes. 

This was my favorite.  I met the creator in the baggage claim area.  He showed me how he made the pieces of this costume from sofa foam and air conditioner filters among other elements. 

I met R2-D2.  One of the nicest celebrities there!

Yay!  Another zombie!

You gotta' have a sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

These costumes are so fun! I bet you had a good time :)

Jenny said...

Wow. Those people really go all out don't they?! Those first zombies look amazing and disturbing and I would probably run screaming from them:) Thanks for sharing all these!

roro said...

whoo funn/ wanna participate

hope u had fun

wangzha said...

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wangzha said...

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