Friday, April 22, 2011

The Horror of Fairy Tales.

I'm participating in Fairy Tale Fortnight over at the Book Rat.  Click HERE to read my post.  

Not familiar with Fairy Tale Fortnight?  It's an amazing, impressive and creative collaboration put together and hosted by Misty from The Book Rat and Ashley from Books From Bleh To Basically Amazing.

Just one look at the schedule is a testament to all the work they have put in collecting reviews, interviews and essays, as well as contributing their own posts -- all having to do with Fairy Tales.   So put a little magic into your day and head on over to the enchanted realm they have created.


Savannah said...

One thing I like to watch if Fairy Tales remade as scary movies! I scare the crap out of myself but for some reason is draws me.

Unknown said...

Ooh, sounds cool! I love me some fairy tales. :-)

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