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AAD NOLA - Panels

Ahhh, NOLA...the smells, the sights, the sounds. I have to admit my very first trip to the Crescent City did not enchant me, but after I left, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I would look at my pictures and reminisce with my friends. New Orleans had gotten under my skin. Since then I have been back several times and I'm pretty sure I'm a fanatic.

When Authors After Dark announced that their 2012 location was New Orleans, I made sure to sign up early and then I checked out the list of authors and their books to see what would appeal to me. Although of course, it was impossible (for me) to read every person on the list, I did manage to get through a lot of awesome books and discovered new favorite authors.

Courtyard at The Royal Sonesta.
First I have to say that the hotel, The Royal Sonesta, was fabulous. I have stayed at several hotels in New Orleans and The Sonesta (along with Hotel Monteleone) is now my favorite. Everyone was extremely courteous and helpful. And yes, it is right on Bourbon, but the hotel serves as an elegant oasis amidst the chaos and fun of the French Quarter.

There was so much excitement in the air as people registered, found their rooms, searched for old friends and met new ones.

Not only was it wonderful to connect with people and meet authors, but the panels were varied, enough to please a dark fiction fan and the panelists were interesting, informative and entertaining. I gained immense insight into their thoughts and their stories. The writing workshops inspired me and I came away with fresh ideas.

I did write a re-cap of each panel I went to, but even summed up the post was just way too long! So if anyone wants details of any of the subjects, just send me an e-mail. I loved the discussions that ensued from each panel. I attended Sci-Fi Fantasy, World Building, On Feathered Wings: Angels and the Fallen, Demons Do It…,The Alpha/Beta of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy and Secret Sauce: Authors Reveal Their Favorite Tricks, Zombies, Magic and Magic Users, Your Keeper Shelf, and Git ‘er Done: Time Management Secrets.  That was just in two days!

After each panel, all the authors were so accessible and signed books and took pictures.  I was thrilled to meet Carolyn Crane, Kelly Meding, Suzanne Johnson, Allison Pang, Diana Rowland, Kelly Gay, Adrian Phoenix and Jeaniene Frost (I'm sure I'm forgetting some people and I apologize).  I gushed about what I love about their books and everyone was so gracious and sweet.  It was also very cool to meet all the smaller press and Indy authors as well who I normally may not have been exposed to if I hadn't attended their panels. 

“I write monsters. If you want a ‘pretty boy’ don’t come to me.” ~Lia Habel.

                (L-R) T.J. Michaels, Samantha Kane and Damon Suede - Sci Fi/Fantasy.

(l-r) Pamela Palmer, Melanie Card, Nicole Peeler, Kristen Painter, Jessa Slade - Worldbuilding.

                                                            Standing room only.

 Cynthia Eden - Angels.

  (l-r) Erin Kellison, Adrian Phoenix and  A.L. Davroe - Angels.

(l-r) Chris Cooke, Jessa Slade, Diana Rowling - Demons.

There was a really fun scavenger hunt going on.  Attendees collected special ribbons from the authors.  Some had secret meanings so you had to decipher what book they were from and then find that author.  Books of Love shows off her collection. 

(l-r) Kelly Meding, Theresa Myers, Diana Rowland, Carolyn Crane, Melanie Card, Suzanne Johnson - The Alpha/Beta of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.

Kelly Meding, Theresa Myers, Diana Rowland - Alpha/Beta.

(l-r) Diana Rowland & Carolyn Crane - Alpha/Beta.

(l-r) Kelly Meding and Theresa Myers - Alpha/Beta.

                                                             Alpha/Beta panel.

Suzanne Johnson author of Royal Street.

         Karen from For What It's Worth Reviews gets her Gumby signed by Carolyn Crane.

(l-r) , Kelly Meding, Carolyn Crane, Allison Pang, Amanda Carlson - Secret Sauce: Authors Reveal Their Favorite Tricks.

                                  (l-r) Allison Pang and Amanda Carlson - Secret Sauce.

                                                   Melanie Card - Secret Sauce.

                            (l-r) Kelly Meding, Carolyn Crane, Allison Pang - Secret Sauce.


Mark Henry looks on as Lia Habel expresses herself - Zombies.

(l-r) Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont - Zombies.

(l-r) Diana Rowland and Lia Habel - Zombies.

(l-r) Lia Habel and Mark Henry.

Zombies panel.

(l-r) Lia Habel, my pal Wendy, Mark Henry and Julie from Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks.

(l-r) Lia Habel, Diana Rowland (see her head peeking through?), Wendy, Mark Henry and me.

(l-r) Jessica Jarman, Bronwyn Green, Jade Lee and TJ Michaels - Magic and Magic Users.

Jade Lee - Magic and Magic Users.

(l-r) Jessica Jarman and Bronwyn Green - Magic and Magic Users.

T.J. Michaels - Magic and Magic Users.  This is what she was like throughout the entire conference.

Lissa Matthews and Carolyn Crane - Your Keeper Shelf: What you Have and Why.

Melissa Schroeder - Your Keeper Shelf.

Mama Kitty Reviews and her collection of ribbons.

Carolyn Crane and Mama Kitty.

(l-r) Jo-Jo (Jo Jo's Book Corner) and Carolyn Crane.

(l-r) Nicole Peeler and Carolyn Crane discuss writing - Get 'er Done: Time Management Secrets.

(l-r) Jess Haines, Kelly Gay, Suzanne Johnson, Jeaniene Frost & Kristen Painter - Urban Fantasy.

(l-r) Suzanne Johnson, Jeaniene Frost & Kristen Painter - UF.

(l-r) Suzanne Johnson and Jeaniene Frost - Urban Fantasy.

(l-r) Kelly Gay, me, Kelly Meding.


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

What a wonderful recap! Great Pictures too! I am jealous of your photo skills!

Julie@My5monkeys said...

Great recap and love the pictures and I totally guessed who that blogger ( Books of love ) was :) Great to see Karen and Gumby again. Sounds like a blast and nice to see the person behind the camera

Karen said...

Awesome pictures Pam!! I wish I had taken more.

Howard Sherman said...
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Julie said...

Really great recap! I enjoyed the panels too. I loved how they all had their moment where someone made everyone laugh. So neat to see authors in that kind of setting. :)

Squenn said...

It was great to meet you. It was such an awesome time! I am all signed up for next year in Savannah!!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I really need to be wealthy so that I can spend all my time reading and traveling to bookish events. I've never been to New Orleans, but it's one of my favorite cities for books to be set in thanks to Ann Rule!

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